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Michael Sprays Champagne
Happy Birthday Pup!
Happy Birthday Kittens
The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin flails around excitedly as she is sprayed with champagne.The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael and Rainn Wilson as Dwight raise the roof as they pump their palms toward the ceiling and bob their heads rhythmically. Reality TV gif. Supermodel Heidi Klum excitedly claps and dances in a cloud of confetti on America's Got Talent. Video gif. Three women jump up in front of a purple garage door, holding gold balloons that spell out, "Yay."TV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air dances happily. He spins around and excitedly jumps onto an end table and does a backflip into the air.Celebrate Season 1 GIF by The Roku ChannelMovie gif. Eduardo Franco as Theo in Booksmart, wearing a shower bonnet, joins his classmates in celebrating in the hallway as confetti streams down from the ceiling.Video gif. A little boy in a Chuck E. Cheese birthday crown dances in celebration. Text, “Celebrate!!!”The Office gif. The office is filled with disco lights. Craig Robinson as Darryl, Oscar Nunez as Oscar, and Brian Baumgartner as Kevin show us some serious dance moves.Celebrity gif. Jeff Goldblum dances as he sits, moving his hands around in classic 1960s dance moves, and shimmying his chest as he licks his lips like he’s trying to be seductive.Video gif. A chihuahua dressed in a judge's robe sits behind a podium. There are puppet paws attached to the robe that are the same color as the pup, and these imitation paws move in a raise-the-roof action, celebrating something.Movie gif. The three bunnies from the animated movie "Bambi" hop up and down happily in the snow. Text, "Fri-yay"Muppets gif. Elmo wears a yellow pointed party head, throwing his head back and shaking his bum as he dances.Video gif. man wiggles his shoulders and points up to the sky with a pretty blank face. He then leans back and looks up, shaking his arms in a small moment of celebration.Cartoon gif. Squirrel leans to one side and does the twist, looking super cool and fabulous with its bushy tail waving behind it. Text against a blue-purple gradient background with stars reads, "Woo hoo!'Cartoon gif. Daisy the Bunny from Nature Cat is grinning and pumping her hands in the air one at a time while saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah!"Friends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler dancing awkwardly on a coffee table while Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courteney Cox as Monica, and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe watch unamused.TV gif. Jane Hubert as Aunt Viv and James Avery as Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air celebrate and dance with joy ins brightly colored tracksuits.Reality TV gif. Sofia Vergara on America's Got Talent smiling and raising her arms in celebration as confetti rains down.SNL gif. Nasim Pedrad as Heshy does a celebratory thrusting dance.TV gif. Ready to celebrate, Carly Waddell on The Bachelor pours champagne into a row of glasses in front of her.Cartoon gif. The kissy face emoji has a party hat on and confetti strewn around it. It tilts its head sideways while blowing a party blower.Celebrate Stir Crazy GIF by This GIF Is HauntedHappy Taylor Swift GIF by NFLPeanuts gif. Cast of characters shout for joy in a living room while colorful balloons fall down from the ceiling. Banner in the background reads, "Happy New Year!"
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