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Happy Birthday Kiddo
Brighten Your Day
Paper Airplane
Fluffy Malamute Accepts Hugs from Toddler
Dance Dancing GIFAwkward Kid GIFKid Slap GIF by MOODMANPlaying Happy Children GIF by MOODMANKid Winning GIFChavo Del 8 Elchavo GIF by Grupo ChespiritoTV gif. In a black and white scene, George McFarland as Spanky from The Little Rascals holds his head in one hand and drums restlessly on a desk with the other.Video gif. In a classroom full of dancing children, a happy child in a blue hoodie dances while standing on a chair. Impressed, the child next to him stands up and dances along.Kid Fail GIF by MOODMANracist wonder showzen GIFelchavo chavodel GIF by Grupo ChespiritoBlack Kids Dancing GIFVideo gif. A child in sunglasses busts some moves among adults at a dance party.Kid Hang Loose GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. A toddler in a diaper dances by shaking his legs and twirling his armsVideo gif. A young boy dances happily, his hands moving from his chest to his upper legs as he moves.Video gif. A baby sits on the ground wiggling her fingers in anticipation and opens her mouth wide as someone offers her an ice cream cone.Video gif. A toddler sits in a ride on toy jeep, casually popping a wheelie in a driveway while she drives by. Rejected Kid GIFSwag Dancing GIFKid Picking Nose GIF by CloroxLife Fail GIFrico chavo lamer chavo lamiendose GIFKids GIFVideo gif. Footage of a baby in a striped onesie, walking awkwardly with their hands behind their back. They shift their weight into a cheerful and much more coordinated dance.
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