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American Psycho
Christian Bale Swag GIFChristian Bale Oooo GIFChristian Bale Wow GIF by ProBit GlobalChristian Bale Clapping GIF by The Academy Awardschristian bale GIF by Mauditchristian bale dancing GIF by Hollywood Suitechristian bale GIF by SAG Awardschristian bale oscars GIF by The Academy Awardschristian bale GIFthe big short GIFamerican psycho GIFchristian bale laughing GIFchristian bale smiling GIFchristian bale GIFchristian bale GIFChristian Bale What GIFMovie gif. Christian Bale as Michael in The Big Short reacts with a wide, jovial smile.Movie gif. Christian Bale as Patrick in American Psycho smirks as she nods his head. Text, "I don't know."Wait What GIFChristian Bale Laughing GIFChristian Bale News GIF by JustinCelebrity gif. Christian Bale spaces out in an interview before furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.christian bale GIFChristian Bale Reaction GIFchristian bale horror movies GIF
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