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Cher Uh Uh No Way
I'm Supposed To Guess That?
Menopause I Don't Even Know What That Is
I Don't Know What To Do
Alicia Silverstone Cherilyn Horowitz GIF by filmeditorAlicia Silverstone Reaction GIF by filmeditorDog Chasing GIF by Maryanne Chisholm - MCArtistclueless alicia silverstone GIFConfused Thinking GIF by ABC NetworkI Have No Idea GIF by NBCMovie gif. Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz from Clueless deeply ponders at her desk while loosely holding her fuzzy pink pen. She exhales softly before returning her attention back to class.High School Flirt GIF by reactionseditorAlicia Silverstone My Bad GIFNo Idea What GIF by America's Got TalentBaffling The Chase GIF by ABC NetworkNo Idea Idk GIF by SHOWTIME SportsConfused Season 5 GIF by NBCDont Tell Me Brandon Scott Jones GIF by CBSNo Idea Idk GIF by CBSAwkward Rose Mciver GIF by CBSRocket League Shrug GIF by G2 EsportsRocket League Idk GIF by G2 EsportsLeague Of Legends Lol GIF by G2 EsportsMelissa Peterman Idk GIF by CBSAlicia Silverstone Sweatpants GIF by Paramount MoviesDance Dancing GIFNo Idea Idk GIF by FC Augsburg 1907clueless stacey dash GIFclueless alicia silverstone GIF
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