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Michael Is Flabbergasted
Rockstar Pug Impresses Her Humans
Reaction What
I Don't Understand
Confused Thinking GIF by ABC NetworkConfused Episode 15 GIF by One ChicagoTV gif. Park Eun-bin as Woo Young Woo on Extraordinary Attorney Woo looks around while pursing her lips in confusion. Confused Question Mark GIF by sendwishonline.comDance Wtf GIF by Ivan GuliziaJimmy Fallon Reaction GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonConfused Season 1 GIF by Paramount+No Way What GIF by InstacartVideo gif. A fluffy husky puppy cocks his head to the side in an expression of playful confusion while blue question marks emanate from his head. Confused Look Around GIF by ABC NetworkCelebrity gif. Preity Zinta looks at us with a confused expression on her face. She raises her hand to her head, and a bunch of question marks appear all around her. Confused Puzzle GIFScared Falling Down GIF by Sam Jack GilmoreConfused Mona GIF by Elnaaz NorouziFace Palm What GIF by SWR3Confused What Just Happened GIF by Harry StylesHappy Food GIF by TahilalatsConfused Jimmy Tatro GIF by ABC NetworkIce T What GIF by Law & OrderCat Confuse GIF by Rizal AlthurConfused Game Show GIF by ABC NetworkGame Show Smile GIF by ABC NetworkDigital art gif. Pixelated shrug emoticon is framed by rows of flashing question marks at the top and bottom. Illustrated gif. Simple 8-bit-style stick figure character appears to bounce, waving its pixelated penis up and down.Pearl What GIF by HULU
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