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What The Hell Are You Talking About?
Michael Is Flabbergasted
Wait - What?
TV gif. Greg Miller from Kinda Funny counts on his fingers with a perplexed expression while a flurry of equations floats around him. TV gif. Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia closes his eyes as he rubs his temples before one eye pops open.Video gif. Joe Biden stands in front of a mic during a presidential debate, and he has just heard something so ridiculous that he snaps his head to look at the audience with the most confused expression on his face.Meme gif. The "math lady" meme: A closeup of a blonde woman looking around suspiciously as math equations appear in front of her.TV gif. Megan Good as Camille on Harlem blinks her eyes and furrows her brow in confusion.Celebrity gif. Britney Spears slowly turns her head towards us with confused wide eyes.Celebrity gif. Jeff Goldblum on the Late Late Show pauses with his mouth open as his eyes dart around like he can't think of a response. Eventually, he closes his mouth.Celebrity gif. Kid Cudi scratches his head with brow furrowed and eyes downcast. His mouth twitches in thought like he's very confused.TV gif. A troubled Jerry Stiller as Arthur from King of Queens stoops over and clutches his hands together as he speaks. Text, "I'm so confused."Video gif. A man stares at us with a super confused expression on his face. He rubs the back of his head as question marks pop up around him. Celebrity gif. Keanu Reeves leans against a brick wall. He furrows his eyebrows, tilts his head, and blinks in utter confusion.Video gif. A puzzled little girl stares in confusion.Video gif. A closeup of a puzzled-looking man with a beard, who holds a hand to his forehead and looks around.Jennifer Lawrence Laughing GIF by Sony PicturesVideo gif. A man reacts to something surprising, looking puzzled. Dozens of question marks pop up around him.Dog What GIF by MOODMANTonight Show gif. Jimmy turns up his hands in mildly frustrated confusion. Text, "What."Video gif. A fluffy husky puppy cocks his head to the side in an expression of playful confusion while blue question marks emanate from his head. TV gif. John C Reilly as Steve Brule looking lost and confused, glancing in all directions, on the show Check it Out! Movie gif. Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem in Coming to America sits in a crowd of people. He looks straight ahead and looks away confused. He blinks quickly as if processing what he’s just heard. Video gif. A young blonde haired girl in high pigtails drops her chin in confusion as she twists her head with her tiny palms up in wonder. The Simpsons gif. Homer hovers over a big manual book in a room with a hazard sign on the door and high tech monitors. He has a worried expression as he turns the page. He says, “I don't understand anything.”confused bear GIF by Bare Tree MediaMovie gif. Mark Wahlberg as Elliot in The Happening stares ahead as his eyes glances around in confusion.Celebrity gif. Britney Spears furrows her brow and shifts her eyes in confusion as if to say, “huh?”
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