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cosmo kramer pimp GIFCosmo Kramer Mind Blown GIFSeinfeld gif. In Jerry's kitchen (where else?) Michael Richards as Kramer speaks to Jerry with the usual jittery enthusiasm and a thumbs up. Text, "A long, drawn-out 'giddy-up!'"Cosmo Kramer Seinfeld GIF by HULUhappy cosmo kramer GIF by CraveTVjerry seinfeld drinking GIF by CraveTVcosmo kramer seinfeld GIFcosmo kramer seinfeld GIFSeinfeld gif. Michael Richards as Kramer exclaims and jerks, turning around and looking back in disbelief.cosmo kramer comedy GIFjerry seinfeld GIFcosmo kramer 90s GIFCosmo Kramer Seinfeld GIFjerry seinfeld comedy GIFCosmo Kramer High Quality GIFcosmo kramer comedy GIFCosmo Kramer Seinfeld GIFFalling Down Fall GIFIm Out GIFCosmo Kramer Omg GIFcosmo kramer nyc GIFDriving Cosmo Kramer GIFSanta Claus Comedy GIFJerry Seinfeld GIFcosmo kramer comedy GIF
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