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"We've Been Roommates Since 1994"
My Lips Are Burning
That's The Worst
So Nice
Friends gif. Courteney Cox as Monica waves her finger in the air and looks proud as she says, "You go, girl!" which appears as text.Friends gif. Courtney Cox as Monica seated at a dinner table gives a huge eye roll at someone off screen.Season 4 Monica GIF by FriendsTv Show Friends GIFSeason 2 Episode 23 GIF by FriendsSeason 2 Friends Tv Show GIF by FriendsSeason 4 Monica GIF by FriendsJim Carrey Lol GIF by O&O, Incepisode 1 friends GIFSeason 4 Episode 23 GIF by FriendsCourteney Cox No GIF by FriendsSeason 4 Episode 13 GIF by FriendsFriends Tv GIF by tveditorSeason 2 Thank You GIF by FriendsThis Is For All Womankind Friends Tv GIF by tveditorSeason 4 Episode 24 GIF by FriendsCourteney Cox Drinking GIFSeason 6 Episode 606 GIF by FriendsAce Ventura Laughing GIFcourteney cox middle finger GIFScreaming Season 2 GIF by Shining ValeActing Season 6 GIF by Friendsyoure dead courteney cox GIFSeason 1 What GIF by FriendsHappy Jennifer Aniston GIF by Nick At Nite
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