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Kitty Birthday
Hug time!
Kitty Cant Get Enough Kisses
Video gif. A tabby cat looking into and reaching up toward a fisheye camera, as its face presses up to the lens.Video gif. Cat hops into a shallow cardboard box at the top of stairs, then rides down the staircase.Video gif. A fluffy white cat lays on its back and rapidly kneads with its front paws.Video gif. Gray kitten lays on its back while a person scratches its belly. When the person takes their hand off of it, the kitten raises both of its paws up neck to its head.Video gif. A small cat or kitten, lies in someone's lap with her eyes closed. She reaches out in a stretch before covering her eyes with her paws. Video gif. Gray and white cat with its mouth wide open as if in shock.Video gif. Eager cat shakes their butt in anticipation, staring intently. Their head doesn't move at all but their whole body wiggles in excitement.Video gif. A gray kitten guards a banded stack of money from an invading human hand with a sassy swat.Slow Motion Cat GIF by PBS Digital StudiosVideo gif. A tuxedo cat edited to hold two animated light sabers fighting against a pitbull.Video gif. Large gray and white cat sits upright in a clear mixing bowl that's not exactly his size, paws pressed against the inside of the bowl. It flicks its tail, looks up like, "What?" then closes its eyes contently. Cats Cute Cat GIF by MOODMANKitten Inspiration GIFAnime gif. Chi from Chi's Sweet Home types on a keyboard with excitement, an open smile and wide eyes.Kitten Cute Cat GIFVideo gif. A wet cat, eyes narrowed in annoyance, sits in a bathtub wrapped tightly in a towel, frozen in rage.Video gif. A fuzzy gray cat with eyes closed slowly reclines its head back like it's falling asleep and falling over at the same time.Video gif. Cat is spinning super fast with super wide eyes like it's stunned, and maybe a bit dizzy.Video gif. A white cat sits in a strangely humanlike position, watching its tail "wag" back and forth in front of it.Video gif. A cat faces us while hanging off the edge of a couch arm lazily. It's front and back leg dangle off the edge, while it wags its tail and an ear twitches. I Belive I Can Fly Blue Sky GIFVideo gif. Kitten pulls at toilet paper and it begins to unravel quickly.Video gif. Cat lying down looks up at us and winks.cute cat GIFRelaxing Sunday Afternoon GIF
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