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Damn It!
Oh Damn
TV gif. Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air leans against a camping tent. He looks shocked like he’s trying to process what has just happened while his hand clutches his chest. He quivers a bit and slowly says, “Damn.” TV gif. Anthony Anderson as Andre in Blackish stares down at us, eyebrows furrowed as he slowly mouths the word, "Damn."Movie gif. A scene from Friday. In front of an orange house, Ice Cube as Craig Jones and Chris Tucker as Smokey lean out of their seats in surprise, then look at each other.Celebrity gif. Keegan-Michael Key sitting next to Wesley Snipes being interviewed by IMDB. Wesley says "damn, damn, damn" and smiles.National Football League GIF by NFLAngry Conan Obrien GIF by Team CocoDigital art gif. An animated Stoned Fox moves its eyes slowly from left to right before opening its anthropomorphic mouth and saying, "Daaamn," which appears as text.Movie gif. Omar Epps, in character, spins around and snaps his fingers, wincing as if he just blew it.Sports gif. Bashuad Breeland of the Minnesota Vikings sits on the sidelines, resting his head on his hand. His mouth is open in shock. He looks down and covers his face with his hand, shaking head in disappointment.Video gif. A man with a moustache looks angry offscreen and shouts: Text, "Damn!"Movie gif. Will Smith as a casually dressed Agent J in Men in Black leans back with a grimace, then thrusts his head forward as he says, "Oh, damn!"Reality TV gif. With hair styled over her left eye, Jackie Christie from BBWLA gives us an impressed reaction. Text, "A long, drawn-out 'damn!'"Excited Oh No GIFMovie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.Movie gif. Ice Cube as Craig Jones and Chris Tucker as Smokey in Friday sit outside on a porch. They jump in their seats and lean back out of fear while saying, “Damn!”SNL gif. Kenan Thompson dressed in a fancy suit sits in a room with bat cut outs behind him. Something that he heard catches him off guard. He looks away awkwardly while gasping a little, and his eyes go wide with shock. He looks back with an amused look on his face. TV gif. Looking down at an audience member from the stage, Sam Tallent grips a mic stand and says "god damn," which appears as text, and then looks awayStephen Curry Shoot GIF by First We FeastTV gif. Hassan Johnson as Wee-Bey on The Wire has his mouth open in shock. He rubs his chin and then crosses his arms. He then turns to look over his shoulder. Celebrity gif. Jenna Marbles beginning a slow-clap, looks at us, and bobbing her head for emphasis declares "damn, girl."Movie gif. Sharon Leal as Kelli in "This Christmas" looks nonplussed over her shoulder, says "Damn!" and turns her head away.Music video gif. In video for Kanye's "Famous," on a city street, Aziz Ansari thrashes backward and forward, shouting "God damn!" which appears as text.Dance Competition Dashaun Wesley GIF by HBO MaxTV gif. Will Smith as Will and James Avery as Phillip in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The two men look at each other with a smile and say, "Damn!" in unison.Love Island What GIF by PeacockTV
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