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California Dance Club
Dancing Girl
London Delivery Man Brings Christmas Grooves
TV gif. In a scene from Soul Train, a smiling man with a moustache, big curly hair, and a cardigan tied around his shoulders spreads his arms in a cheerful dance against a solid orange background.TV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air does "the Carlton" dance, snapping his fingers and swinging his arms left and right, on a stage in front of a red curtain.Video gif. A hamster is standing outside of Blockbuster and is throwing down with its plump little booty bouncing up and down quickly.The Office gif. (From left to right) Darryl, Kevin and Oscar dance around wildly in celebration.TV gif. Betty White as Rose on Golden Girls dances around, shimmying her chest confidently, as people clap on the sidelines of the dance floor.Video gif. Gigantic tan-colored teddy bear does a Fortnite dance in a kitchen, rocking his knees and flailing his arms.Video gif. Actress Shay Mitchell wearing all black, dances against a white background, arms in the air. She lifts one foot off the ground and shakes her booty for the camera.Video gif. A child in sunglasses busts some moves among adults at a dance party.The Simpsons gif. Lisa dances in a living room with eyes closed, arms up, and hips moving in a continuous circular motion.Video gif. Woman in a dress and headwrap and wearing white heels dances earnestly, pumping her arms up and down as she squats down.Illustrated gif. Smiling hard-shell taco dances while shaking a pair of maracas.Video gif. Hunched over elderly man wearing white socks and a US Navy hat looks down towards his feet and does a smooth two step dance, sliding his socks along the wood floors as he moves. Martin Lawrence Dancing GIF by MaxTV gif. A woman on the seventies show Soul Train in a gold bodysuit dances with people lined up around her watching her bust a move. She struts, does a huge kick, thrusting her body around, until she does a full split. Video gif. In a classroom full of dancing children, a happy child in a blue hoodie dances while standing on a chair. Impressed, the child next to him stands up and dances along.Muppets gif. Kermit dancing, with his back to us, slowly and flowy like a hippie.SpongeBob SquarePants gif. SpongeBob squints his eyes like he is in a trance, dancing, shifting from foot to foot and waving his arms.Video gif. Green gnome in sunglasses is grooving and raising their arms in the air, wearing a neon pink one piece thong.Movie gif. Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite crushing the talent show dance on stage.Video gif. A young boy dances happily, his hands moving from his chest to his upper legs as he moves.Celebrity gif. Shalita Grant glances upwards as she does a happy dance and twists her arms out in front of her. Text, "Aww yeah!'Sesame Street gif. Cookie Monster and Bert dance in celebration.Cartoon gif. From the dancing scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's two obscure side characters: a boy and a girl with some unusual dance moves.Video gif. In a car, a sleeping toddler wakes to the sound of music and begins to dance, bobbing his head in excitement.Cartoon gif. Jerry the brown mouse dances excitedly arm in arm with Quacker, a yellow bird. They kick their legs as they dance in a circle.
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