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"It's been sad in so many ways."
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Political gif. Donald Trump makes some goofy faces: taken aback, impish, and one where he just sort of leaves his mouth open.donald trump applause GIF by franceinfoVideo gif. An upset Donald Trump holds up a finger at the audience as he speaks into a microphone. Text, "This is not going to end well."TV gif. Donald Trump stands at a mic during a presidential debate. He turns his body towards the camera with a bit of a baffled expression, and says into the microphone, β€œwell, that’s a big statement!” Political gif. A younger Donald Trump seems to be dancing to music, but isn't putting much effort into it.Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsDonald Trump Thumbs Up GIF by UFCDonald Trump GIF by PBS NewsHourVideo gif. With an animated body that is playing tennis while twerking, Donald Trump makes a surprised face.Donald Trump Whistleblower GIF by GIPHY NewsTV gif. Donald Trump stands in front of a mic at a presidential debate. He bites his cheek with an unamused look on his face, and then swats his hand to dismiss what he had just heard.I Feel Great Donald Trump GIF by Election 2020Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsDonald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsDonald Trump I Am The Chosen One GIFPolitical gif. Donald Trump staring intently at Rudy Giuliani dressed in a pink dress and wig. He leans in to say, "You know... you're really beautiful..." Rudy smiles and looks away.donald trump kat GIFPolitical gif. Donald Trump squinting and pointing at someone while saying, "You are untruthful." Donald Trump GIFdonald trump rnc GIF by Election 2016Political gif. Donald Trump, during a debate, stands at a podium and runs his pointer finger across his top lip and scratches next to his nose.Political gif. Donald Trump glances to the side with a smug unimpressed grin. Animated black sunglasses drop down over his eyes. Text, "Deal with it."Donald Trump Wow GIF by GIPHY NewsDonald Trump GIFStruggling Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY News
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