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Thats Gotta Hurt
The Funky Puppets - Big Yikes
My Brains
Sponsored gif. Aubrey Plaza is wearing a suit and stands in the middle of an elevator with office workers. Suddenly, the elevator lights blink, dust falls and the elevator rattles. Everyone around her freaks out but she stares at us deadpan as she holds a Mountain Dew Baja Blast in her right hand, cocking her head and saying, "Having a blast."Schitts Creek Reaction GIF by CBCAwkward Sewing Bee GIF by The Great British Sewing BeeAll Stars Season 4 Girl GIF by RuPaul's Drag RaceSports gif. Terrence Ross' eyes dart around as his facial expression seems to say "yikes!"Season 17 Omg GIF by America's Got TalentReality TV gif. Reese Witherspoon on the Chelsea Handler show sits at a dining room table next to Common. Reese’s eyes get big and she cringes in shock. Common nods and then pauses in surprise at the same time Reese cringes. Idk Eww GIF by The VoiceTV gif. Andy Cohen on Inside Amy Schumer sits in a character and awkwardly looks in the corner of his eye. He grits his teeth and nods, cringing at the awkward situation. Awkward Hogs GIF by Arkansas RazorbacksGreen Bay Packers Omg GIF by Martellus Bennett's Text Back PackSeason 3 Abc GIF by Bachelor in Paradiseoh no cringe GIF by Martellus BennettOh No What GIF by MaxMarried At First Sight Reaction GIF by LifetimeClown Pain GIF by Sarah SquirmVideo gif. Woman with a gaudy clown outfit on flashes onto the screen and looks awkward as she pulls at her neckline. The background has blue and white clouds and from the top, rainbow text reads, "Yikes!"What The Reaction GIF by MOODMANAwkward GIF by The Vibe is RightCelebrity gif. Tinashe has both her fists on her chin and she looks side to side, scared and nervous. scared lauren conrad GIF by The Eric Andre ShowVideo gif. A woman shrugs and winces as if seeing something she didn't want too. Text, "Oof"Cringe Ugh GIF by MaxScream Fan GIF by The Great British Bake OffUh Huh Ok GIF by Bengals
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