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I'm Exhausted
Tuckered Pup Can't Stay Upright
I'm Exhausted!
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TV gif. Patricia Heaton as Frankie in The Middle. She stands in front of a bed and closes her eyes, exhausted. She flops down, face first onto the bed, and bounces slightly with the impact. Wildlife gif. Sleepy monkey rests on a tree branch and opens its mouth in a huge yawn, dark hand scratching its eyes and head. Game Show Lol GIF by ABC NetworkCartoon gif. Stewie from Family Guy sits in the corner of his crib and rocks back and forth. His eyes have dark circles and bags under them, and his hair is scraggly. He stares into space like he’s seen something awful.Tired Worn Out GIF by jagheterpiwaTV gif. Shelby Bain, as Amy in The Next Step, stumbles toward us and crumples to the floor face-first in exhaustion.Video gif. A person in a business suit plops belly-first onto a recliner chair, then looks back at us and crosses legs up as text appears, "I'm exhausted."Disney gif. A haggard-looking Donald Duck pushes open a door and falls flat on his face in exhaustion. Text, "Mood."Tired Cmt GIF by Party Down SouthTV gif. Tom from Tom and Jerry, exhausted, fluffs a large red floor pillow before flopping down onto it face-first.Over It What GIF by TIFFVideo gif. In the lobby of a busy hotel, a man rolls his luggage with a little girl dead asleep laying on top of it. He just looks at her and then keeps moving, wondering if she’ll ever wake up.Video gif. A little girl in a swimsuit lies down on wet sand. Text, "I take a nap right here."Movie gif. Bette Davis as Mildred in Of Human Bondage slouches on the floor looking bedraggled and vacant, leaning on an armchair for support.sports run running exhausted track and field GIFexhausted GIFTired Stressed Out GIF by HarlemTired Burn Out GIFVideo gif. Entrepreneur Jasmine Starr in front of a laptop, leaning back in her chair, looking exasperated.Tired Monday Morning GIF by Discoveryexhausted over it GIF by HULUTired Tuesday Morning GIFTired Wake Up GIFTired The Big Bang Theory GIFVideo gif. A man leaps into bed facedown. At the instant of impact, the scene changes: the lights are now off, and the man is now under the covers and wearing a sleep mask.
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