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Happy Tuesday
Feliz Martes
Tuesday Morning
Buen Martes
Feliz Martes GIF by Sealed With A GIFAnimated graphic gif. Bee buzzes around a smiling, winking flower that fills a window frame against a bright purple background. Text across the window reads, "Tuesday blessings."Text gif. Against a purple-pink ombre background, the words, "Have a wonderful Tuesday!" slingshot onto the screen as confetti rains down.Video gif. Pug wears a costume that makes it look like it has short human legs and arms that are holding a small guitar. The dog looks at us, tilting its ear a bit in confusion. At his feet is a box like he’s a street performer. Text, “Happy Tuesday.”Movie gif. Max the dog from Secret Life of Pets stands at attention with one front paw off the floor, his ears perked up, and an alert expression before sighing, dropping his paw and shoulders and looking at the floor. Text, "Sigh" between two asterisks. Beach Ocean GIF by YevbelCartoon gif. A happy turtle with a nose trots across a solid purple background. Text, "Turtle Tuesday."Video gif. A small child drives a yellow, motorized toy car on grass near a sidewalk towards a young boy seated on the grass. The toy car pummels into the boy and drives over him. Text, "Tuesday Morning."Illustrated gif. White dog sits, moves his ears up and dog, and wagging his tag happily. Two big pink hearts appear over his head. Text, “Happy two’s day!”Tuesday Feet GIFDigital art gif. Scoops of ice cream in a fancy, sparkling glass, with raspberries and a red syrup. Text, "Happy Tuesday!"Text gif. Text on a blurry, sparkling pink and blue background: "Have a tantalizing [sic] Tuesday."Illustrated gif. A cat bats at a butterfly in the grass as a smiling sun whirls in the blue sky above. Text, "Happy Tuesday."Working Good Morning GIF by Sappy SealsMexican Food Mexico GIF by AnimaniasVideo gif. Sunlight glistens across rippling water beside a rocky shore. Text, "Tuesday. At least it's not Monday."Frustrated Tuesday Morning GIF by Pudgy PenguinsVideo gif. A blurry video shows a man in a cubicle sitting in front of a 90s-style computer throwing his papers all around the room in disgust. Text, "It's only Tuesday?"Video gif. A person in a beaver mascot costume stands in front of a grocery store at night. They turn slowly and stare at the camera with its creepy, lifeless eyes. The text says, “It’s only tuesday?”Illustrated gif. A frog with heart eyes has a mouse in a car sitting on the tip of their tongue, which is pulled all the way out and stretches across the screen. The entire illustration flashes bold, bright rainbow colors and is very frenzied. Text, "OMG, it's Tuesday"Digital art gif. A lava lamp full of orange lava hypnotically moves around in the lamp. Flashing blue and pink text surrounds it. Text, “Groovy Tuesday.”Video gif. An aerial view of the coastline as waves lap at sandy beaches. Text, "Tuesday."Happy Tuesday Morning GIFVideo gif. A white sheep stares back at us, licks its lips, and appears to yawn. Text, "Tuesday morning."Tuesday Morning GIF by Digital Pratik
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