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She Finally Caught On
Christmas Tree On Fire
Creepy Santa - Jingle Bells
Your Presence is the Present
Movie gif. Joe Pesci as Harry in Home Alone looks down with an insincere smile, a glint shining off a silver tooth. Text, "Merry Christmas."Movie gif. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone has a snarl on his face to look more intimidating as he says, “Merry Christmas you filthy animal.”Video gif. Man blows a bottle of confetti inside of a liquor store and the patrons look at him in surprise. Text, "Congratulations!"Merry Christmas GIF by All BetterMerry Christmas GIFVideo gif. Man wearing a red and olive green Christmas suit dances as snow falls around him. He smiles with his mouth gaping open as he turns from side to side and pumps his fists toward his chest. Text, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."Video gif. We zoom in on a man's chest as he opens a collared shirt to reveal a rainbow Superman shield on a t-shirt underneath.Illustrated gif. A sunset on a tropical beach with Christmas lights on the palm trees and Christmas presents beneath.Digital art gif. A 3D rendering of a Christmas tree, dancing around on two legs with red boots. Each section of the tree is a different character with its own arms and face: the top two have sparkly eyes, while the third has wide eyes, red glasses, and two big front teeth spaced far apart. Wavy text, "Merry X Mas!"Merry Christmas GIF by 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentIllustrated gif. Characters from Alice Oseman's graphic novel Heartstopper are captured in polaroids. A bubblegum pink polaroid captioned "Charlie and a reindeer" depicts Charlie Spring in a Christmas sweater smiling with his puppy dressed in reindeer ears. A sea green polaroid captioned "Sleepy" shows Nick Nelson falling asleep underneath Christmas lights with the same puppy in his arms. Scrawled above the photos, cursive writing reads, "happy holidays!"Feliz Natal GIF by BandMerry Christmas GIF by Zhot ShotzMerry Christmas GIF by Macy'sMovie gif. Randy Quaid playing Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation stands in the street in his robe, casually emptying his RV’s septic tank into the gutter. He raises his beer in a “cheers!” Text, “Merry Christmas.”Merry Christmas GIF by StoryfulMerry Christmas GIF by pikaoleIllustrated gif. A very round Santa Claus, wears his red suit and green gloves shoes, red and white hat pulled low over his brows. He kicks a leg out to the side, as he dances back and forth. Bouncing red text reads, "Merry Christmas!"Movie gif. Jim Carrey as The Grinch dressed as Santa jumps up and spreads his arms wide. yelling what the text reads, "Merry Christmas!" Feliz Natal GIF by BandEat Merry Christmas GIF by Zoo BerlinIllustrated gif. Little white stars form the shape of a Christmas tree. A red ribbon wraps around it and is tied in a large bow to the base of the tree. A large white glowing star sits on top of the tree. Snowflakes of different shapes decorate the background and smaller snowflakes fall down like it’s snowing. In elegant cursive font, the text reads at the bottom, “Merry Christmas.”Save Them All Merry Christmas GIF by Best Friends Animal SocietyMerry Christmas GIF by PeacockTVMerry Christmas GIF by Digital Pratik
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