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Happy Friday
happy FRIYAY
Friday Feeling
Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey wearing a red and black plaid shirt holding a can of Busch Light beer at his chest. He takes a long, deep breath as if he's taking in the beautiful mountain scenery around him, exhaling with a smile and nod, looking around with wonder and appreciation. Text, "TGIF."Movie gif. Bradley Cooper as Phil in The Hangover power walking away from a school, waves off a student saying "I don't know you, you do not exist."Text gif. Neon colored flashing text says, "Finally Friday!"Video gif. An animatronic pig has his head out of a car window with a huge smile on its face. It holds two green, yellow, and red pinwheels that rapidly spin in the wind. The pig waves them around excitedly. The text says, “It’s Friday!!"Text gif. Purple-and-blue gradient background with wavy bubbly pink and yellow text that reads "Happy Friday." A guy dancing stands in for the letter I.Its Friday GIFThe Office gif. Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone is seen through the blinds of an office window. He's spinning around in an office chair gleefully. Text, "It's Friiidaaay!!!"Movie gif. The three bunnies from the animated movie "Bambi" hop up and down happily in the snow. Text, "Fri-yay"Video gif. Next to a credit card and a slice of pizza on a plate, a pug has fallen asleep on a computer keyboard. Text, "Happy Friday!"Working Days Of The Week GIF by Sealed With A GIFVideo gif. A woman dances in her kitchen with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other. Text, "It's Friday!"Illustrated gif. A sloth with huge glasses sits at a computer and does work with a straight face. Suddenly, they toss their computer and keyboard off and cheer, with the text reading, "It's Friday!!!"Video gif. A woman in a purple tutu and pink wig dances, shuffling her feet and crossing her arms. She stares at us with wide eyes and a serious expression. Text, “Happy Friday!!!”Video gif. Polar bear rolls around on its back in the snow with quick movements from side to side. Text, "Friday feeling!'Star Wars gif. Baby Yoda bobs in a seat of the Mandalorian's cruiser, green hands swaying excitedly above his large pointed ears. He has wide, dark eyes and an open mouth, holding tight to a cookie in his hand. Flintstones gif. Fred Flintstone excitedly leaps out of his work-truck cabin that's attached to a dinosaur, surfs down the long tail, and hops into his car.Cartoon gif. A fox with a pronounced butt dances against a solid cyan background. Text, "Thank god it's Friday!"Cartoon gif. A smiley face with closed happy eyes and a wide smile bounces as text appears, "Friday feeling!"Text gif. Diagonal blue and pink script bobs cheerfully on a purple background. Text, "Happy Friday."TV gif. Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya in The White Lotus appears sad as she asks, "Could I get some alcohol?"Video gif. We see a still image of a beagle as pixelated "deal with it" sunglasses drop onto its eyes. As soon as they do, the image flashes different colors and the text "It's Friday" appears in rapidly-changing fonts.Fun Dancing GIF by Aardman AnimationsHappy Dance GIF by You're The Worst TV gif. A man in a dark suit, a yellow shirt, a face mask, and a fedora enters the Judge Jerry courtroom on roller skates. He does a casual 360 spin, then loses his balance a bit. He regains it, loses it, and regains it again. Text, "Skating into the weekend like."Celebrity gif. Lil Jon sways back and forth, spreading his arms out gracefully, with a big smile on his face. Text says, “It’s Friday.”
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