freakin weekend64 GIFs
TV gif. A man in a dark suit, a yellow shirt, a face mask, and a fedora enters the Judge Jerry courtroom on roller skates. He does a casual 360 spin, then loses his balance a bit. He regains it, loses it, and regains it again. Text, "Skating into the weekend like."TV gif. Max Greenfield as Schmidt on New Girl is on the phone as he talks to Hannah Simone as CeCe in front of him. He lunges forward, tucking his bottom lip under his teeth to emphasize his gesture. "It's the freakin' weekend."Big Brother After Dark Cheers GIF by Pop TVJerry Springer Friday GIF by Judge JerryAlmost The Weekend GIFReady For The Weekend Dancing GIF by Holly LoganLove Is Love Dancing GIF by Judge JerrySports gif. Ryan Sheckler, a professional skateboarder,  lays on his stomach on his skateboard and rides through a water fountain, whooping as the water hits him. He's completely drenched, and the text reads, "Weekend here I come!"Dance Hello GIF by NovoresumeVideo gif. A cheerful little girl can barely contain a big, toothy smile as she shyly looks away from us. Text, "It's the weekend!," followed by a heart.happy comedy central GIFDemGovs  GIFtgifCelebrity gif. Actress Shalita Grant dances around, swaying back and forth, with her eyes closed and her arm in the air in celebration. Text, “Look out weekend, here I come!”Rebecca Black Friday GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. A man swings toward a frozen lake on a rope swing and slides across the ice to a friend holding out an open beer. Text, "Sliding into Friday like..."tv land weekend GIF by YoungerTVVideo gif. A woman is at a bowling alley and has scored well. She jumps up and down in excitement and the text flashes around her, reading, "TGIF."Friday Weekend GIF by MOODMANWeekend Thursday GIF by StickerGiantHappy Buddy Holly GIF by Dirty Little Secretcollege student dancing GIF by MTVUtgifThe Weekend GIF by BMKLhappy work GIF
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