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Fail Long Jump GIFVideo gif. Toddler sees her shadow for the first time and it freaks her out. She tries to run from it, failing, and she cries and falls over.Good Morning Swag GIFShahrukh Khan Reaction GIFExcuse Me Reaction GIFDonald Trump Pervert GIFricky gervais win GIF by Fox TVTV gif. A clip from AFV: A closeup on a sleeping dog with its tongue sticking out. A hand reaches out and pulls the tongue further than you'd expect.South Park GIFConfused Donald Trump GIFemma roberts deal with it GIF by ScreamQueensHigh Five Stephen Colbert GIFAngry Mickey Mouse GIFThe Beatles Sunglasses GIF by BustleVideo gif. Lena Headey at the 2015 Emmys glances over and smirks as if saying oops. GIF by AFV Epic FailsMickey Mouse Goodbye GIFWill Forte Emmys 2015 GIF by FOX TVAnime gif. Sailor Moon grabs a friend by the shoulders and whips her around angrily, as her friends eyes roll back from the force.Donald Trump Parody GIFBang It Classic Film GIF by Warner ArchiveCoffee Draw GIF by Maori SakaiScared Leave Me Alone GIFTonight Show gif. Jimmy Fallon is wearing a pink bowtie headband and blonde wig and his lips are ultra glossy. He looks up and says, "Ew!" as he lets his jaw hang open for emphasis.TV gif. Oprah Winfrey stares straight ahead with wide eyes and a forced smile through gritted teeth. Her eyes quickly flash to one side before looking back like she's extremely uncomfortable with what's happening.
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