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Appreciate the small things
Never Take Them For Granted
Text gif. The text, "Thank you," is written in cursive on a white background.Text gif. A trippy rainbow effect bleeds across the words "Thank you".Text gif. Neon letters spell out "Thank You" against a black background while neon rainbow trails of light rash behind it mimicking warp speed in space.Text gif. The text, "Thank you," is written in red letters on a white background and it multiplies, making the quintessential plastic bag thank you design.Cartoon gif. A pair of hands lifts a colorfully painted bouquet into frame. Cursive text is written on the bouquet that says, "Give gratitude."Late Night gif. TV host Seth Meyers grins as he pulls a bullhorn from under his desk then says into it, "Thank you."Text gif. Sparkles shimmer around the yellow popping text. Pink and green bursts of color dance like fireworks in the background. Text, “You Rock.”Text gif. Cursive block lettering flashes in many colors and gradients, with stars on either side, "Thank you!"Cartoon gif. A smiling bean walks in place and tips its hat.Celebrity gif. Musician Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton pats his heart and points to the viewer in a gesture of love and respect. Magenta and yellow squiggly lines explode from his hand as he points. SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob stands in a blue speedo on a sandy floor, muscular, disproportionately massive pink arms repeatedly flexing to either side. When they flex, the muscles form into words, "Thank you."Text gif. A smiley face smiles and blinks at us. Text, "¡Thanks!"Spanish Thanks GIF by All BetterSpanish Thanks GIF by All BetterKawaii gif. Pug with enormous eyes gives us a teary look of gratitude as tears stream down its face. Text, "Thank you!"Text gif. The text reads, "You are a gem!" and there are pulsing lines on the side that emphasis the words.TV gif. Ice T as Detective Tutuola on Law and Order nods and says with sincerity, “We appreciate that.”Take A Bow Thank You GIF by The InternetTV gif. Ayesha Raza as Renu in Made In Heaven. She approaches someone during a wedding and says empathetically, "I can't thank you enough," while shaking her head with emotion.Tv Show Thank You GIF by Happy PlaceEaster Thanksgiving GIF by shiptAfrican American Culture GIFSeason 3 Bed GIF by The SimpsonsDigital art gif. An animated lion bows its head grateful. Hearts appear and float around text, "Thank you" Thanks Thank You GIF by XYZ Type
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