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Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey in a red and black plaid shirt looks out into the distance with a proud expression, gesturing with a salute while holding a can of Busch Light beer at his chest. Text, "Well done!"Great Job GIF by Scott HoyingIllustrated gif. A round, yellow smiley face winks as text in a handwritten style scrawls across the screen. Text, "Well done!"Sesame Street gif. Cookie Monster claps his hands excitedly.Reality TV gif. Leona Lewis on Queen of the Universe puts her hands together and looks sincere as she says, "I think you should be really proud of yourself."Tonight Show gif. Giggling as usual, Jimmy Fallon as host makes the "OK" hand gesture, then giddily closes his eyes and clutches his hands together.Sports gif. A Minnesota Vikings coach power-fives an incoming player, shouting "great job!"Video gif. A sea otter floats around a pool as its handler kneels nearby, holding onto the otter’s little paws to help it float. The otter gradually lets go and then claps its little hands excitedly, rubbing its face a few times between claps. Text, “You otter be proud of yourself!”Youre Great GIF by Sesame StreetText gif. The phrase, "Good Job," floats around, swaying back and forth and leaving rainbow streaks as it moves.Great Job GIF by Dietz & WatsonVideo gif. The message, "Great job!" is typed across a futuristic looking screen. We cut to a person dressed as a purple and pink alien looking embarrassed as it turns its head and bats away the compliment. Text, "Aww, shucks."Youre Great GIF by Sesame StreetGreat Job Applause GIF by MIA GLADSTONEGreat Job GIFVideo gif. A young boy does a quick dance and hits a sassy pose, with one hand on his hip and one in the air while looking to the side coyly. Text, "Hell Yeah!"Awesome Great Job GIF by The VoiceAwesome Great Job GIF by The VoiceTV gif. A man on Insecure opens his eyes wide and gestures as though his mind is blown and says, “Boom! Blew me away.”High Five Great Job GIFGreat Job Applause GIF by NEONVideo gif. Woman wearing two breast pumps on her chest looks at us, smiling and tilting her head. She claps slowly. Text, “Great Job!”SpongeBob SquarePants gif. SpongeBob smiles and gives two thumbs up, and then a dozen more hands giving thumbs up bud out from all sides of his body. Text, "Many thumbs up."Video gif. A man on a street wearing a coat and newsboy cap with a tight, proud expression on his face gives a slow clap.TV gif. Carl Payne on Last Call sits at a bar with his cheeks puffed out like his mouth is full. He nods very fast and gives a thumbs up.
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