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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Party
Happy Birthday To You!
Late 2 Ur Bday
Text gif. against a white background are set the words "happy birthday" in all caps. the words are a deep blue, framed by a light gold. At the beginning of the gif, confetti explodes into the air all over the screen. Happy Birthday GIF by Sesame StreetText gif. Flowers over a plain background are above and below text flashing neon colors. Text, "Happy birthday."Digital art gif. A creepy black and white pig superimposed on a teal background wears a party hat and gives a weird grin as it says, “Happy Birthday!”. It then farts out flames and is propelled away from it’s flatulence.Happy Birthday Pink GIF by Julie Smith SchneiderHappy Birthday GIF by FrankieHappy Birthday GIF by Taylor SwiftVideo gif. A person holding a balloon shakes it left and right before popping it. Confetti flies out and the text appears, reading, "Happy Birthday!"Happy Birthday GIF by Hello AllTV gif. A woman wearing a red 50s style wig and a pink, green, and yellow floral dress stands with her hands on her hips in front of a 40th birthday cake. She points her finger and shrugs her shoulders, giving a pleasant smirk. Text, "Happy birthday."Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMANText gif. Cute letter characters with big eyes and tiny legs hop into the frame, spelling out the word "Happy" above jagged lightning bolt letters that spell "Birthday."Happy Birthday GIF by LemonTopHappy Birthday GIF by Brittany BroskiChecking In Happy Birthday GIFHappy Birthday GIF by Hannah BrownHappy Birthday GIFHappy Birthday GIF by Paperless PostCelebrate Happy Birthday GIF by FuzzballsHappy Birthday Party GIF by visualbrandHappy Birthday GIF by Hello AllExcited Happy Birthday GIF by MolangHappy Birthday Fun GIF by Om NomHappy Birthday GIF by Hello AllWaving Happy Birthday GIF by Hello All
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