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You Know What? Flowers
It Smells Good
You Can't Have Good Latte Art Without Good Coffee
I Am Sick of this Fake News
Coffee Day GIF by Katie LukesIllustrated gif. A black to-go coffee cup jitters with white lettering down the front that says, "Without coffee there would darkness and chaos."Cartoon gif. Garfield the cat sits at the dinner table with half lidded eyes. He grabs a cup, opens his mouth wide, and dumps all the coffee from the cup inside to wake himself up. Illustrated gif. A hot to-go coffee cup with a parody of the Starbucks logo that replaces the mermaid with a woman with big, curly hair. Written on the cup with a heart drawn next to it is, “Happy Monday!” The cup moves side to side and sparkles light up around it.Germany Today GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeCoffee Caffeine GIF by BuzzFeedInternational Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedCoffee Day GIF by StarbucksInternational Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedAd gif. Illustration of two hands clinking together their white mugs with the Dritan Alsela logo on them. Text pops up and reads, "Happy coffee day!"International Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedInternational Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedInternational Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedCoffee Addict GIF by BuzzFeedCelebrating Germany GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeTV gif. Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine Nine sitting at her desk and opening the lid of her coffee. Text, "Sweet, sweet coffee."Stay Home New Day GIF by INTO ACTIONGood Morning Love GIFDigital art gif. A hand holding a cup of coffee moves from left to right, stopping in the center. The mug reads, “Good Morning.”Illustrated gif. A Sloth with big blue glasses and a pink hair bow sips from a coffee mug, then looks up with bug eyes and a radiating grin. Text, "How I tolerate life."Pay Up Good Morning GIF by INTO ACTIONInternational Coffee Day GIF by BuzzFeedCoffee Time GIF by BuzzFeedCoffee Day GIF by Denyse®Illustrated gif. A woman lounges happily in a steaming coffee cup, treating it like a jacuzzi. There are green leaves adorning the background. Text, "Good Morning."
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