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Running Man Happy Dance
Im Ready Bean
Cooler than Cool
Good News Dancing GIFThe Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott stands in front of a home stereo and dances awkwardly.TV gif. In a clip from The Dude Perfect Show, we see a bar-like room with a pool table, where a person in a panda suit dances on a simulated putting green.The Office gif. (From left to right) Darryl, Kevin and Oscar dance around wildly in celebration.Seinfeld gif. Julia Louis Dreyfus as Elaine, Jason Alexander as George, and Jerry Seinfeld happily dance toward us, synchronistically.Friends gif. Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe and Jennifer Aniston as Rachel jump up and down, smiling and clapping their hands exuberantly at something offscreen. Video gif. In a classroom full of dancing children, a happy child in a blue hoodie dances while standing on a chair. Impressed, the child next to him stands up and dances along.Video gif. An older man dressed in an American flag tank top, sparkly blue vest, shutter sunglasses, and an American flag hat that’s shaped like a hand doing the peace sign. He claps while doing a little dance, and then looks over at us and points. Video gif. An Alaska Airlines flight attendant with curly blonde hair smiles excitedly as she pumps her fists by her shoulders and dances in a circle.Happy My Song GIF by JustinDigital art gif. A small green alien dances the Roger Rabbit with its arms and legs pumping back and forth.Disney gif. A retro black-and-white Mickey Mouse with a toothy smile, kicking and waving his arms in a little dance.Movie gif. Disco lights shine across onlooking Minions from Despicable Me as a serious Gru flaps his elbows for some unusual dance moves.3D animated gif. A funny-looking red potato creature with spuds for ears and a big belly wears a green bikini top and little yellow shorts, looking at us as he does the running man dance against a yellow background. Text, "Happy Dance."Video gif. Hunched over elderly man wearing white socks and a US Navy hat looks down towards his feet and does a smooth two step dance, sliding his socks along the wood floors as he moves. Video gif. Betty White with a wide smile on her face, waving her arms in front of her and jumping up and down like she's happy dancing with friends. TV gif. Megan Mullally as Karen in Will and Grace sticks her tongue out, shakes her chest, and shimmies her shoulders.The Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim spins then blows a kiss towards us.Celebrity gif. Beyoncé is dancing and doing the wave at a nighttime party. She ends her wave dance with finger guns, adding a flair of silliness.Meme gif. Jonah Hill as Aaron in Get Him To The Greek wide-mouth smiles and screams delightedly, shaking his hands next to his face, as he turns back and forth. Movie gif. Louis the alligator from Princess and the Frog dances across the screen, hundreds of tiny fireflies dancing with him. Text, "Happy dance"Cartoon gif. Squirrel leans to one side and does the twist, looking super cool and fabulous with its bushy tail waving behind it. Text against a blue-purple gradient background with stars reads, "Woo hoo!'Movie gif. Brad Pitt as Chad in Burn After Reading listening to an iPod and dancing, pumping his arms, snapping his fingers, and biting his lip.Movie gif. Jon Heder as Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite dances a choreographed dance on stage, putting his whole body and energy into it, reaching his arms in every direction, while wearing his snow boots. Muppets gif. Elmo wears a yellow pointed party head, throwing his head back and shaking his bum as he dances.
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