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Melbourne School Pays Tribute to Front Line Staff With Giant Teddy Bear Display
COVID-19 Survivor Who Lost His Mother to the Virus Thanks Health Care Workers
Health Care
More Than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente Health Care Workers Go on Strike
Digital art gif. Illustration of the silhouette of a woman of color with a large afro breathing in and out peacefully, set against a light purple background. Text, "Take time to breathe."Teddy Bear Doctor GIFDigital art gif. Illustration of pieces of notebook paper, on which the words "To do: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale," are being written with a cartoon pencil.Mental Health GIF by younginvinciblesHealth Care GIF by All BetterDigital art gif. Light pink condom with a slightly dazed look dances and grooves confidently on a neon pink background, emanating hearts like body odor. Text, "Wearing is caring."Health Care Wellness GIF by INTO ACTIONMental Health GIF by mtvMental Health GIF by mtvDigital art gif. In groovy, rainbow-colored and pink letters, text reads, "You are not alone," against a black background.Digital art gif. Illustration of a cartoon purple hand holding out a permission slip that reads, "You are allowed to take time to pause and breathe," everything against a purple background.Digital art gif. Alarm clock with spinning minute hand and arms and legs sits in a cross-legged meditation position, its forefingers and thumbs pressed together in an "O" shape. Text, "Take a moment for yourself," everything against a light blue background.Mental Health Stars GIF by mtvDigital art gif. Illustration of a yellow alarm clock with arms, legs, and a face sits on a pink park bench amid grass and a blue sky with its eyes closed, snoozing peacefully. Text, "Take a moment."Health Care Family GIF by INTO ACTIONAct Now Mtv GIF by INTO ACTIONHealth Care News GIF by PBS NewsHourJoe Biden Aca GIFDigital art gif. Cartoon of the top of a woman's face under a thought bubble that reads, "Thoughts are not facts," in bold blue and pink letters, all against a bubblegum pink background.Text gif. Jittering black text fades in onto a white background that says, "Just in case you need this today...." A burst of pastel color splashes across the frame as new text replaces the previous that says, "You are loved."Text gif. Contented heart hugs itself and radiates mini hearts all around, under the text, "Take time for yourself" against a yellow background.Rooting Mtv GIF by INTO ACTIONValentines Day Wellness GIF by INTO ACTIONBored Season 1 GIF by The OfficeHealth Care Engagement GIF by Women Engaged
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