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Accepted for Heath Ledger
The Joker Film GIFheath ledger joker GIFheath ledger candy film GIFheath ledger joker GIFThe Dark Knight Film GIF by Tech Noirjust cause hes cute heath ledger GIFMovie gif. The gif switches between shots of Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist and Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain as they look at one another in different shots. The Joker Laugh GIF by Legendary Entertainmentjake gyllenhaal film GIFHeath Ledger GIFGIF by Mauditheath ledger GIFMovie gif. Heath Ledger as William in A Knight's Tale. He's wearing knights armor and gives us a disarming grin and a wink.The Joker GIF by Legendary EntertainmentThe Joker Film GIF by hoppipheath ledger GIFheath ledger film GIF by Head Like an OrangeThe Joker GIFheath ledger only time joker is actually serious GIF by MauditHeath Ledger Cowboy GIF by Mauditthe joker batman GIFwhy so serious GIFBlack And White Laughing GIFheath ledger joker GIFThe Dark Knight Art GIF by Tech Noir
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