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Hey, Babe
Movie gif. Patrick Renna as Hamilton 'Ham' in Sandlot blows a kiss in slow motion and waves dramatically with longing eyes.Funny GIF by Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family FuneralBabe Gogirl GIF by Brunette The LabelHey Babe Waving GIF by MOODMANBear Hey Babe GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. Text, “Hey Girl.” A slim man wearing only super short shorts, ankle socks, and roller blades skates down the street. His legs are spread hard apart and his back is arched back. He looks like he thinks he’s cool and sexy, but it’s definitely not coming off that way. Seth Meyers Flirt GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersHow You Doin Flirting GIFHey Babe GIFHey Baby GIF by RihannaSeason 7 Penny GIFVideo gif. We zoom in on a man wearing a gold lamè headband and spandex tank top as he looks over his shoulder at us with an intense gaze. Text, "Hey gurl."babe bade GIFWine Cringe GIFCelebrity gif. Audrey Nethery, a young girl with blonde hair, faces away from us holding a silver microphone. She whips her head around, dramatically pushing her long hair off her face and making a sensual expression.Hey Babe GIF by MOODMANHey Babe GIF by MOODMANWildlife gif. Walrus sunbathes, lying on its back on a rock among other walruses, waving its flipper. Text, "Hey Cutie," with a heart-eyes emoji.Tommy Wiseau Hello GIF by The RoomFlirty Kiss GIFEmily Bett Rickards Kiss GIFTV gif. Jimmy Fallon sits in a barn facing a horse. He holds up a clump of hay and says, “haaaaaay”, knowing his joke was bad as he said it. His cheeky smile evaporates and he tosses the straw over his shoulder. Celebrity gif. Rihanna has the straw of a juice box in her mouth as she smiles and waves at us flirtatiously.Hey Girl Flirting GIFCelebrity gif. Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco smiles and shakes his head, raising his eyebrows as confetti falls around him. Text, “Hey babe, I’m so dang proud of you.”
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