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Guess What Day It Is?!
It's Hump Day!
Happy Wednesday
Hump Day Am I Right Buddy?
Video gif. A camel's face superimposed with a human mouth says, "Guess what day it is?" The video zooms out on the camel as it bounces beneath text that reads, "Hump day!" Cartoon gif. A Cartoon of a camel walks with a content smile on its face. Text, Hump day!”Illustrated gif. Chippy the Dog is standing normally when all of a sudden, a hump appears in the ground and tosses him up. Text, "Happy Hump Day!"Happy Hump Day GIFIllustrated gif. Small white dog sits on a blue floor, which suddenly rises up in the middle as a mound, tossing the dog in the air. Text, "Happy hump day."Cartoon gif. White dog Chippy rides a roller coaster cart across a wavy track. After a bump, he flips into the cart with his paws in the air. Text,"Happy hump day!"Text gif. Rainbow text that stretches up into a hump. Text, “Humpday.”Digital art gif. A man rides a bicycle up a very steep green hill and pauses at the peak before speeding downhill. Text on the hill reads, "Happy Wednesday."Digital art gif. A green blob drags itself up one side of a triangle that has "Hump Day," written on it before face planting and sliding down the other side.Ad gif. Ad for Geico. A camel is standing in an office and asks a woman, "Guess what today is?" The woman doesn't look up from her computer as she calmly replies, "It's hump day," and the camel says, "Whoop whoop!"Video gif. A cup of black coffee sits on a table in the foreground while a man in the background stands on a stepstool, out of focus. The man jumps, and it looks as though the man is landing in the cup as the coffee splashes. Text: "Wednesday."TV gif. In black and white, Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family dances in her house. She has a happy, but concentrated look on her face as she does a little two step and wiggle of the arms. The rainbow flashing text at the bottom says, “Happy Wednesday!!” Video gif. Two husky puppies are laying under a white comforter and look incredibly sleepy and snug as the blink slowly and readjust positions. Text, "Wednesday morning."Wacky Wednesday GIFVideo gif. A retro exercise tape of a man thrusting his pelvis to the floor and then cut to another angle that shows the profile of what this thrust should look like.Text gif. Flickering neon outline illustration of a buxom woman in lingerie next to pink glowing neon text that reads "Happy hump day."Beavis And Butthead 90S Tv GIF by Leroy PattersonVideo gif. In a mundane office, a woman sits at her desk looking at her computer screen with an amazed expression. A large camel stands behind her. The girl says, “It’s hump day!" And the camel yells, “wooooo woooo!”Photo gif. A photo of a camel is edited to make it look like it's twitching its ears, nose and mouth. Curly white text reads, "Happy Humpday!"Meme Joke GIF by Nebraska Humane SocietyRebel Wilson Lol GIF by ABC NetworkVideo gif. Dark water ripples as an out of focus horizon looms in the distance. Flashing blue, yellow, and pink script reads, "We are halfway to the weekend." Celebrity gif. Resolute Megan Mullally chugs a bottle of water above the caption, “Hump day has got me like…”Cyanide And Happiness Hump Day GIFVideo gif. A pug wearing glasses stares at us, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Text, “Happy Wednesday!”
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