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I'm Trash
I'm Sorry
I Am Sorry
Movie gif. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone looks dejected as he says, "I'm sorry."Movie gif. Michael Caine as Alfred in The Dark Knight Rises, furrowed brow, distraught, fights back tears as he says, "I'm so sorry, I failed you."Movie gif. Zach Galifianakis as Alan in The Hangover sits against the wheel of a car, looking distraught and tired. He shakes his head slightly and says, “I’m sorry I fudged up guys.”Video gif. Barack Obama addresses the press in the White House briefing room. Text, "I profoundly regret what happened."Cartoon gif. A pair of eyes peer out from under a garbage can lid. Text, "Sorry I'm trash."Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey sticks his head between the latched purple door and its frame, and speaks with a menacing, bug-eyed expression. Text, "Very, very sorry," with emphasis.Sorry Forgive Me GIF by The CursedVideo gif. Man puts his hands to his chest in a gesture of sincerity and says, "I'm sorry," which appears as text.Sorry Taylor Swift GIF by The VoiceSorry Season 3 GIF by Broad Citysorry disney GIFMovie gif. Courtnee Carter as Em in Anything's Possible leans to the left, looking earnest and saying "I'm sorry."Sorry Episode 8 GIF by PBSIm Sorry GIF by Adult SwimTV gif. Patrick J Adams as Mike in Suits stands in an office and looks at us, shaking his head somberly as he says, "I'm sorry."Im Sorry GIF by IONSorry Episode 1 GIF by BET PlusSorry Season 8 GIF by THE NEXT STEPTV gif. Ashley Liao as Simone in Physical leans toward us as a beach breeze ruffles her hair and she says, "I'm sorry." Im Sorry Amazon Studios GIF by HarlemTV gif. Dave Karofsky as Max Adler on Glee looks down with a guilty expression as he says, “I’m so frickin’ sorry.”Video gif. A woman is sobbing and clutching her face, her hair completely disheveled. She has tears in her eyes as she says, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"sorry tv land GIF by #ImpastorSorry Matt Leblanc GIFIm Sorry Boardwalk Empire GIF
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