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Martin Luther King Jr Mlk GIF by IdentityYoutube Yes GIF by Rosanna PansinoTV gif. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David weighs his options looking torn and shrugging as if he’s confused.Confused Bugs Bunny GIF by Looney TunesI Did It Ifc GIF by Film Independent Spirit AwardsKenan Thompson Yes GIF by Saturday Night LiveI Did It GIF by Chicks on the RightI Have Good Job GIF by Karen CivilVideo gif. A closeup of a puzzled-looking man with a beard, who holds a hand to his forehead and looks around.Eric Cartman Washington GIF by South ParkCelebrity gif. Oprah is sitting in a chair and she looks over it. She has a small smile on her face and she turns towards us, shrugging and raising her palms out, accepting what's being said or done with no more questions.Season 15 Episode 20 GIF by The SimpsonsConfused Eminem GIFI Have Nicksplat GIF by Hey ArnoldFran Drescher GIF by Broad CityI Did It Starz GIF by PowerSchitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBCI Have Nicksplat GIF by Hey ArnoldSeth Meyers Tips GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersSeason 1 Dr Roberts GIF by DREAM CORP LLCTV gif. Barney Rubble from Flintstones stares off confused in the snow as he scratches the top of his head.Priyanka Chopra Bollywood GIFThe Lizzie Bennet Diaries Reaction GIFBasketball Wives Malaysia GIF by VH1Quentin Tarantino Awards Shows GIF by Golden Globes
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