i have no idea what im doing69 GIFs


Tommy Has No Idea What He's Doing
I Have No Idea What I'm Getting Myself Into
I Regret Nothing. The End
Celebrity gif. Britney Spears slowly turns her head towards us with confused wide eyes.upside down spinning GIFDog I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIFCelebrity gif. Preity Zinta looks at us with a confused expression on her face. She raises her hand to her head, and a bunch of question marks appear all around her. Season 2 Andy GIF by Parks and RecreationConfused Pokemon GIFCelebrity gif. Kid Cudi scratches his head with brow furrowed and eyes downcast. His mouth twitches in thought like he's very confused.Surgeon Idk GIFVideo gif. A puzzled little girl stares in confusion.I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIF by LookHUMANConfused I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsVideo gif. A man stares at us with a super confused expression on his face. He rubs the back of his head as question marks pop up around him. Video gif. A man reacts to something surprising, looking puzzled. Dozens of question marks pop up around him.Reality TV gif. Close up on Alesha Dixon on Britain's Got Talent. She looks around with wide eyes, scared and confused at what will happen next.TV gif. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David weighs his options looking torn and shrugging as if he’s confused.Schitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David in a salon, pointing to a product bottle appearing uncomfortable and turning back around as he says, "What just happened?"Zero Gravity Reaction GIFI Have No Idea What Im Doing GIFNo Idea Syndicate GIF by Smasher NetworkCats I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIF by FirstAndMondaySuper Bowl Shark GIFDog Gravity GIFConfused Eminem GIFMovie gif. Superimposed over a photo of a mountainous beach, John Travolta, as Vincent in Pulp Fiction holds a coat over his arm and looks around, confused.Video gif. A boy gazes at us, then looks around in bewilderment and finally shrugs at us with a puzzled look on his face.
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