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I Love You Valentines GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosMovie gif. Mike Myers as Dr Evil in Austin Powers looking up and gesturing with his fingers and saying, "I love you! You complete me."Digital illustration gif. Red heart balloons float up past black glittery text that pulses and reads, "I love you."Digital illustration gif. Text reads, "Love you so much! Small white hearts surround a large animated heart with wings bouncing up and down like it's flying.3D animated gif. Rendering of a red pulsing heart that says "I love you" against a bright pink background, surrounded by bubbly confetti hearts of various colors. A hand emerges from the bottom and makes the sign for "I love you."Text gif. Pink text over a pink heart background reads "I love you!"TV gif. Wilmer Valderrama as Fez on That 70s Show looks over at someone with earnest eyes and draws a heart in the hair with his fingers. He mouths silently, “I love you.”Text gif. In simple handwritten font is the message “I love you.” Below, flashes the words, “Today, Tomorrow, Always, Forever.”Illustrated gif. A white bunny jumps around, making cute faces, as red hearts pop up around it. Text, "I love you."Digital art gif. A large face of a happy green frog grins with wide eyes. Red text reads, "Love you." Text gif. In between the letters I and U, four red hearts appear one by one above a yellow smiley face.Video gif. A pug with a big heart hung around its neck sits with its back paw splayed out. The dog licks its lips nonchalantly. Text, “I love you more.” Close up of the dog's face as it blankly stares at us. Two drawings of air puffs shoot up behind it that are shaped like hearts. Digital art gif. White heart grows out of a red background until it fills the whole frame, then slowly shrinks until it disappears.I Love You Vintage GIFTV gif. Jerry from Tom and Jerry has been cornered in a teacup. His heart beats out of his chest, and when he casually pushes it back in, it pops out on the other side.Video gif. A man flips open a pizza box, revealing a heart-shaped cheese pizza. He waves his arm in front of it, presenting it to us.Movie gif. Rachel McAdams as Amy in The Family Stone signs "I, love, you."Celebrity gif. Cardi B sits on a sofa, holding up her phone and smiling while she says "I love you bigger than my ass," which appears as text.I Love You Ily GIF by Becky GIllustrated gif. Black-and-white linear illustration of a couple hugging each other tightly.Celebrity gif. Rachel McAdams as Amy Stone in The Family Stone approaches someone and looks earnest as she signs, "I love you," while also mouthing it.I Love You GIFI Love Ya GIFHappy I Love You GIF by Travis FosterI Love You Kiss GIF
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