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I think I'm done
I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done
You're Right
Video gif. Meeting of the board is currently in session and men and women sit around a table wearing suits. A man stands up and slowly walks to the window, never breaking his pacing and simply walks off of it. Text, "I'm Done."Reality TV gif. Tamar Braxton from Braxton Family Values is being interviewed and she pouts heavily while throwing up a peace sign, saying, "I'm done."Celebrity gif. Jasmine Masters wears large gold, dangling earrings and bracelets as he puts his hands up with a look of annoyance and says, "I'm done."Stop It National Football League GIF by NFLNinja Arc GIF by All-Round ChampionTV gif. Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will in Chicago Med. He looks extremely annoyed and he shakes his head before throwing an arm down at the person speaking, dismissing what they're saying and walking away. Reality TV gif. Wearing a camouflage cap, a frustrated Troy Landry on Swamp People sighs and says, “I'm done.”Angry Over It GIF by The Roku ChannelOh My God Omg GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyersim out over it GIF by The Julie RuinIm Done GIF by PelotonAdam Richman Hot Ones GIF by First We FeastEric Cartman Lol GIF by South ParkRetire Mixed Martial Arts GIF by UFCSeason 3 Goodbye GIF by The Lonely IslandCharlie Im Done GIF by Adult SwimTV gif. Aubrey Plaza as Cleopatra on Drunk History. She's leaning forward in her throne and she rolls her eyes while waving her fingers, saying, "I'm done."Tired Giving Up GIF by StraysIm Out Vanderpump Rules GIF by SliceTV gif. From the "Coffin Flop" sketch on ITYSL, Tim Robinson lets us know he's had enough as he points at us and yells. Text, "I'm done."No Way Wtf GIF by Now Hear This podcast FestivalPolitical gif. While a person in a blue dress next to her applauds, Kamala Harris looks on without emoting.Kawaii gif. A red crab holding pink pom-poms smiles and throws down one of his pom-poms. Text, "I quit."Reality TV gif. Dr. Sandra Lee from Dr. Pimple Popper looks at us with wide eyes and she tosses a packet of papers in the air. They fly around her and she holds her empty hands up. The text reads, "WEEKEND."Tv Land Im Done GIF by YoungerTV
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