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I Love You
I Miss You Like Crazy
SpongeBob gif. Patrick lies on his stomach, pink legs kicking back and forth behind him in the air. His cheeks rest on his hands as he gazes with wide, longing eyes. Pixelated pink hearts beat around him. Cartoon gif. Tom from Tom and Jerry looks with heart eyes at a picture frame, smiling in a dopey kind of way like he's lost in a daydream.In Love Hearts GIF by The ValentinesVideo gif. A man wearing a suit has his shirt ripped open and he looks frightened as his heart beats so hard that it nearly jumps out of his chest and it makes an imprint on chest every time it pumps.Season 9 Reaction GIF by The OfficeTV gif. Jason Segel as Marshall on How I Met Your Mother kneels behind a chair, embracing a pillow. He looks up with a goofy smile, completely enamored with what he’s looking at. He hides half of his face behind the pillow and looks up with loving eyes.TV gif. Jerry from Tom and Jerry has been cornered in a teacup. His heart beats out of his chest, and when he casually pushes it back in, it pops out on the other side.Cartoon gif. Donald Duck is leaning against a wall and he's giving himself resuscitation as hearts flood out from his chest and eyes.Cartoon gif. Bob from Minions: Rise of Gru is staring at something and he's fallen in love. His eyes are filled with hearts and they go half-lidded as he stares with his body completely limp.In Love Hearts GIF by MOODMANIllustrated gif. A black sketch of a person wearing a hat with ear flaps and a pom topper smiles as they squeeze a pillow-like, red heart. Text, "Your love makes me happy." Movie gif. Walking backwards, Isla Fisher as Gloria in Wedding Crashers mouths "I love you," presses her hands to her chest and looks skyward and then turns around.In Love Hearts GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Aaron Ruell as Kip in Napoleon Dynamite plays with a straw in a styrofoam cup. He looks up at someone sitting across from him. Text, "I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious."Staring In Love GIF by filmeditorCartoon gif. A smiling T-rex holds up its tiny arms to suggest a hug. A second T-rex bashfully covers its face with its tail. As the T-rexes hug, a volcano in the background erupts, and red lava rises from the bottom of the frame to cover everything.Disney gif. With hearts in his eyes, a smitten Donald Duck swoons against a wall as his heart beats wildly out of his chest.In Love Heart Eyes GIFIn Love Reaction GIF by MOODMANI Love You GIF by Unpopular CartoonistIn Love Hearts GIF by PibubearIn Love Birthday GIF by Holler StudiosI Love You Flirting GIFLoving In Love GIF by PhizzAdventure Time Love GIF
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