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Cartoon gif. In a bedroom that has a monochrome navy blue palette, a thumb-shaped character lies wide awake in bed, unable to fall asleep despite how late it is.Sleep Artists On Tumblr GIF by ChallengerWide Awake Insomnia GIF by MOODMANCartoon gif. Jerry from Tom and Jerry lies bundled under a blue blanket in bed. An eye opens under the red sleeping cap and he jolts to a sitting position, brow furrowed and nose twitching.insomnia GIF by alcinooturning jim carrey GIFStressed Episode 19 GIF by The SimpsonsSad Wake Up GIF by Arrow VideoConfused Mental Health GIF by Lisa VertudachesCartoon gif. Stewie from Family Guy sits in the corner of his crib and rocks back and forth. His eyes have dark circles and bags under them, and his hair is scraggly. He stares into space like he’s seen something awful.Night Owl GIF by ailadiGood Night Girl GIF by Alexandra Dvornikova3 am insomnia GIFFast And Furious Sleeping GIF by The Fast Sagainsomnia cant sleep GIFTired Cate Blanchett GIF by Where’d You Go BernadetteWhat Are You Doing Help GIF by ADWEEKNight Owl Cat GIF by catgrassawake insomnia GIF by A24frustrated twin peaks GIFTired Season 3 GIF by Paramount+Family Guy gif. Stewie sits in the corner of his crib rocking back and forth. His hair is all frazzled, huge bags under his eyes and a far away stare that is full of fear.lay awake michael c hall GIFTired Wide Awake GIF by SEIZONWide Awake Insomnia GIF by MOODMAN
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