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The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott leans towards us with raised eyebrows, placing his chin on his hands like he's framing an innocent face. Interested Season 10 GIF by Curb Your EnthusiasmTV gif. SungWon Cho as Joe Furuya in Anime Crimes Division sits at a desk looking at a document, then notices something on the computer screen and waves his colleague over to look at it.Celebrity gif. Nick Cannon rubs his chin as if he is pondering something interesting.Video gif. A young man and woman scarf popcorn while staring intently at us, eager to see what happens next.Confused Miracle On 34Th Street GIF by filmeditorInterested Go On GIF by Years & YearsTV gif. Talking head of William Stanford Davis as Mr. Johnson in Abbott Elementary as he scrunches his nose and looks at us knowingly, saying, "Interesting."Interested Jurassic Park GIF by VidiotsInterested Episode 5 GIF by PBSLady And The Tramp Hello GIF by Walt Disney StudiosNeed Yes GIF by Adam LambertCartoon gif. Green lizard with pink head spikes waggles eyebrows and rubs hands together while its tongue swings wildly, as drops of sweat fly off his head.U Know Flirting GIF by OriginalsInterested Washington Football Team GIF by NFLReality TV gif. Amy Poehler in Making It. She leans on a table and listens intently to a contestant's plans before straightening up in interest, raising her eyebrows and dropping her jaw, intrigued with what she's heard. Confused Adam Levine GIFCelebrity gif. Seated on a brownish-orange couch and wearing a fuzzy beige sweater, Gigi Hadid tilts her glasses to give us a look of surprise.Interested GIF by reactionseditorExcited Interest GIFTim And Eric Flirting GIFThe Sandlot Wow GIFinterested part GIFCelebrity gif. A riveted Stephen Colbert sits wide-eyed, eating popcorn as if deeply entertained.Interested Ken Jeong GIF
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