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Jimmy Kimmel asking Oprah to get him to the Emmys
You Better Applaud
Jimmy Kimmel Rejected by Kerry Washington
Good Night
Oscar Awards 2017 GIF by E!I Blame Myself For This Jimmy Kimmel GIF by The Academy AwardsRed Carpet Technology GIF by E!Jimmy Kimmel Jokes GIF by EmmysJames Corden Laughing GIF by EmmysJimmy Kimmel Oscars GIF by The Academy AwardsTonight Show Trick GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonOscars 2024 gif. Host Jimmy Kimmel addresses the entire audience with open palms and asks, "At what age do you tell a screenplay it was adapted?"Sports gif. Boxer Manny Pacquiao walks out from the locker room surrounded by his posse. He's wearing boxing gloves and a white t-shirt, boxing the air slightly as he walks out. He's ready to rumble.jimmy kimmel emmys 2015 GIF by Fox TVJimmy Kimmel Leave GIF by EmmysHand Out John Travolta GIF by EmmysHarrison Ford GIFJimmy Kimmel Twitter GIF by NowThisjimmy kimmel oscars GIF by The Academy Awardsjimmy kimmel oscars GIF by The Academy AwardsStranger Things Laugh GIF by EmmysModern Family GIF by EmmysJimmy Kimmel Oscars GIF by The Academy AwardsJimmy Kimmel Event GIF by EmmysAmy Schumer Lol GIF by EmmysJimmy Kimmel Haters GIF by EmmysOscars 2024 GIF. A potentially nude John Cena is behind a wall on stage and he tries to get Jimmy Kimmel's attention by saying, "Pssst!" Kimmel looks left and right, trying to find where the noise is coming from.Oscars 2024 gif. Jimmy Kimmel wears a white blazer as he holds up a pair of Ryan Gosling's hot pink Ken pants for the crowd to take a gander. He says, "We'll start the bidding at $10,000."Oscars 2024 GIF. Jimmy Kimmel sits next to Margot Robbie as Barbie on the bus stop bench and he shakes his head seriously and solemnly as he says, "I am so hungry" as he parodies the bus stop bench scene.
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