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TV gif. John Stewart from the Daily Show leans over his desk with an intense, almost zombie-like state. He shovels popcorn, almost missing his mouth because he’s so absorbed by what he’s looking at. Jon Stewart Oscars GIF by The Academy Awardsjon stewart television GIFJon Stewart Hearing GIF by GIPHY Newsnews jon stewart 911 911 victims compensation fund GIFStephen Colbert Mic Drop GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbertjon stewart middle finger GIFTV gif. Jon Stewart sits at his desk looking excited off to the side and then lurching toward us as he says "Boom!" which appears as text.jon stewart wish GIFTV gif. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show shrinks back in exaggerated alarm, looking around in disbelief.Angry Stephen Colbert GIFTV gif. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. He claps his hands together and puts his head down, giving up.Jon Stewart Paper GIFJon Stewart Pow GIFJon Stewart Laughing GIFthat cant be good jon stewart GIFjon stewart GIF by Night of Too Many Stars HBODaily Show gif. Jon Stewart from The Daily Show turns his head and squints to really, really pose the question: Text, "Why?"Jon Stewart Fangirl GIFjon stewart stereotype GIFOh My God Omg GIFJon Stewart Jewish GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor NoahCelebrity gif. Exasperated Jon Stewart is on the set of The Daily Show, dramatically leaning so far back in his chair that he almost falls off.TV gif. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show looks up and kisses his hand, then raises it to the heavens while saying "Thank you," then uses his hand to draw a cross and a heart and then makes a groping gesture.jon stewart GIF
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