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So Freaking Effing Excited Kristen Wiig GIF by Saturday Night LiveSNL gif. Kristen Wiig is wearing exercise clothes and holding a triangle, the percussion instrument. She smiles cheesily and kicks one leg into their air while staring at us.Happy Kristen Wiig GIFKristen Wiig Reaction GIFsaturday night live dancing GIFkristen wiig ghostbusters GIFkristen wiig wtf GIFsnl kristen wiig maya rudolph kristen-wiig she knows GIFdrunk kristen wiig GIFConfused Kristen Wiig GIFKristen Wiig Dancing GIFCelebrity gif. Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell walk out hand in hand to present at the Golden Globes and stare at their surroundings in exaggerated awe.Kristen Wiig Snl GIF by Saturday Night Livemad kristen wiig GIFBill Hader Yes GIFActing Kristen Wiig GIFKristen Wiig Bridesmaids GIFKristen Wiig Dancing GIFkristen wiig yes GIFKristen Wiig Reaction GIFSNL gif. Kristen Wiig, with big '80s-style hair and wearing a fluffy robe, mouths, "Oh my god, you're so beautiful," with an envious expression.Kristen Wiig Party Hard GIFCelebrity gif. Kristen Wiig dressed as Cinderella appears to be drunk. She holds a martini glass in one hand and uses the other to wipe something off the corner of her mouth as she says, "Whatever."Kristen Wiig Snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveKristen Wiig Eating GIF
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