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Groove Is In The Heart 90S GIF90s lady kier GIFVideo gif. Beagle puppy resting its head on its front paws, big brown eyes slowly blinking towards us. Text, "I miss you."Swing Miss GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. A small girl bangs her hands against a window from the inside of a home, obviously wailing. Why are her parents leaving? Blinking yellow text, all caps, "Miss you already."Miss You Love GIF by Sealed With A GIFVideo gif. A man and woman lay in bed, the man embracing the woman tightly as he kisses her head.Movie gif. Will Ferrell as James in Get Hard sits in a vibrating chair and raises a glass of wine to his face, looking miserably sad, as he jiggles and wine jostles all over his mouth, neck, and white shirt. Text, "I miss you."Text gif. The underlined words "I miss you" flash in a rainbow of colors against a black background, dropping down from the top of the screen like a continuous reel. Cartoon gif. A black-and-white scene of a retro cartoon rabbit in a timid, constricted pose, looking up to left of frame. A tear falls from one eye and rolls down its cheek. Text, "I miss your face."happy romance GIF by VH1Anime gif. Brock from Pokémon is laying on his side with fat tears streaming down his face. The tears flow continuously as he says, "I miss you."miss you GIFTeeth Missing Tooth GIFMiss U GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Travis Tedford as Spanky from The Little Rascals sits on porch steps, resting his chin on his hands. His expression changes from grumpy to forlorn. Text, "I just miss you."Text gif. The words "miss you" sit inside a beating red heart cartoon that throbs against a grey background.Video gif. Feeling embarrassed, a woman shyly says, “I miss you.”miss GIFmiss GIFCelebrity gif. Terry Crews has a serious expression on his face. He lifts his eyebrows up as he says, “And I miss you. i miss you GIFHappy Miss World GIFText gif. Rainbow colored hearts appear on screen and pop like fireworks. Text, “I miss you.”i miss you GIF
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