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Some Kids Rely Completely on ASL
I Started Taking ASL Lesson
I Was Overwhelmed
He's Extraordinary
Video gif. Woman signs with fingers to her chin then her hand drawn down to the opposite palm before it abruptly flips and dives forward. She stands in front of a lavender background as she says, "Goodnight," which appears as text with a yawning moon for the letter O.Video gif. Woman standing in front of a yellow background signs, fingers on her chin, then tapping on the palm of the opposite hand before she bends her arm up from the elbow with the opposite hand tucked inside. As she gestures she says, "Good morning," which appears as text.Asl Learn GIFLearn Sign Language GIFLearn Sign Language GIFdeafextreme excited deaf learn deafextreme GIFHorses Learn GIFI Love You Valentines GIF by ASL ConnectCommunicate Sign Language GIFLearn Sign Language GIFAsl Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFPeople Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFFish Learn GIFAsl Learn GIFFriend Learn GIFFamily Learn GIFBeer Asl GIFAsl Whiskey GIFSummer Asl GIFLearn Sign Language GIF
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