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Emotional damage
Homer x Peter | Season 2 Ep. 14 | THE GREAT NORTH
Paul vs. Paul
I’m not gonna be here
TV gif. Think about it guy, Kayode Ewumi points to his temple mischievously and looks into the camera. He's practically begging us to think about it.Video gif. A white cat bobs its head to the beat, jamming to some music.Meme Cockroach GIF by MOODMANSuspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMANDigital art gif. Red Elmo yells with arms raised and wide eyes as animated roaring flames burn behind him.Meme Cockroach GIF by MOODMANThis Is Fine GIFTV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air dances happily. He spins around and excitedly jumps onto an end table and does a backflip into the air.Shiba Inu Meme GIFMuppets gif. Kermit dancing, with his back to us, slowly and flowy like a hippie.Dj Khaled Dance GIFDog What GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. Close-up of a little girl in a car seat, looking quizzical and giving a side-eye as her eyes darting back and forth.Video gif. A woman pulls on Nick Young's arm, trying to hold his hand. Nick looks at her with confusion, but is trying to be polite. The camera zooms on his face and turns to look stare into the camera with a big confused grin on his face. Question marks appear around his head.Video gif. Toddler girl clasps a fistful of blue cotton candy that's also smeared around her mouth. She smiles maniacally through gritted teeth, her eyes growing big, as she stands on a woman's lap in a stadium full of people.Video gif. A little blonde girl wearing a pink shirt is strapped into a car seat in the back seat of a car. She looks at us with a confused, somewhat disgusted expression. She clearly disapproves of something--disapproves a lot. Excited Oh No GIFDance Dancing GIF by MOODMANMeme gif. The Jeremiah Johnson nod of approval meme: A slow zoom in on Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson, culminating in a smiling nod.Video gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.Cartoon gif. Batman from the old cartoon rubs his chin and squints his eyes as he thinks hard.One Dollar Meme GIFMeme Aspect Ratio GIF by MOODMANWell Done Win GIFMeme Dancing GIF
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