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Let's Talk About Mental Health
mental health matters
Your Mental Health Matters
Stressed Mental Health GIF by YouTubeKeep Growing Mental Health GIF by YouTubeMental Health Medicine GIF by Doctors Under the RadarForgive Yourself Mental Health GIF by mtvMental Health Friends GIF by mtvConfused Mental Health GIF by Lisa VertudachesSocial Media Wellness GIF by mtvNormalize Mental Health GIF by mtvDigital art gif. Illustration of pieces of notebook paper, on which the words "To do: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale," are being written with a cartoon pencil.Rooting Mtv GIF by INTO ACTIONDigital art gif. Cartoon hand dials "nine-eight-eight" on a smartphone keypad. The hand then moves to reveal white text that reads, "Dial 988 for mental health support," against a bright pink background.Mental Health Relax GIF by mtvDigital art gif. Animation of a doctor's hand writing on a prescription pad sitting on a wooden table. The text reads, "Therapy is medicine." Next to the pad is a small package of tissues.Digital art gif. Illustration of several cartoon people doing volunteer activities like hanging string lights, painting a house, watering a garden, pushing an elderly woman's wheelchair, and carrying groceries. Text in the middle of the illustration reads, "Volunteer; the more you give back, the more you get back."Illustrated gif. A boy in a red hat keeps his eyes closed as he takes a deep breath in with his shoulders rising, then breathes out again. Text, "Breath in. Breathe out. You got this."Stay Calm Mental Health GIF by BabybluecatDigital art gif. In groovy, rainbow-colored and pink letters, text reads, "You are not alone," against a black background.Act Now Mtv GIF by INTO ACTIONHappy Mental Health GIF by Mat VoyceDigital art gif. Yellow illustration of an abstract woman in a running pose is surrounded by cartoons of rotating flowers and colorful hearts. Red and pink letters in fun font reads, "Mental illness recovery is possible."Mental Health GIF by UNICEFStressed Mental Health GIF by mtvTalking Mtv GIF by INTO ACTIONDigital art gif. Alarm clock with spinning minute hand and arms and legs sits in a cross-legged meditation position, its forefingers and thumbs pressed together in an "O" shape. Text, "Take a moment for yourself," everything against a light blue background.Mental Health GIF by mtv
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