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Video gif. Villains from movies all do nice, happy activities including Darth Vader walks towards us in a snowy, foggy landscape, Freddy Krueger picks flowers, Jason cuts down a Christmas tree with his chainsaw, and Dracula wakes up happily to the bright, sunny day. Text, “Merry Christmas.”Merry Christmas Cowboy GIFMerry Christmas GIF by JeleneMovie gif. Randy Quaid playing Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation stands in the street in his robe, casually emptying his RV’s septic tank into the gutter. He raises his beer in a “cheers!” Text, “Merry Christmas.”Movie gif. Jim Carrey as The Grinch dressed as Santa jumps up and spreads his arms wide. yelling what the text reads, "Merry Christmas!" Merry Christmas GIFFriends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey bursts through the apartment door wearing a Superman costume as he says with a rascally smile, "Merry Christmas!"Merry Christmas Cowboy GIFMerry Christmas GIF by sendwishonline.comMerry Christmas GIF by sendwishonline.comMerry Christmas GIF by JeleneIllustrated gif. A very round Santa Claus, wears his red suit and green gloves shoes, red and white hat pulled low over his brows. He kicks a leg out to the side, as he dances back and forth. Bouncing red text reads, "Merry Christmas!"merry christmas GIFDigital art gif. Santa Claus holding a small decorated Christmas tree and a sack of presents, sparkling, with green sparkly text, "Happy Christmas to you."Happy Merry Christmas GIF by sendwishonline.comVideo gif. Four men dressed in metal rock clothes have Christmas hats superimposed on their heads as they smile at us. One man holds a fist up, another holds a thumbs up, and another waves his hand. Text, “Merry Christmas to all my awesome followers, from abloodstore.”Digital art gif. Grumpy bald man frowns as we see an arrow with a Christmas tree point flying toward him. The arrow pieces his chest and the grumpy man transforms into a happy rosy-cheeked Santa Claus, with a white beard and red hat and suit. Text, “Merry Christmas.”Ad gif. An illustrated sleigh arcs across the sky from a Nivea logo at the upper left. It disappears behind a fir tree with a star on top and twinkling lights strung below. Text, "Merry Christmas."SNL gif. Kristen Wiig dresses like a 1980s mother. She falls to her knees as she wiggles her fingers in the air diabolically as she evilly says, “Merry Christmas!!”Digital art gif. Old-fashioned drawing of a rosy-cheeked Santa rests over a red background surrounded by white stars and a glittering red frame. Text, “Ho, Ho, Ho… It’s Christmas.”Video gif. Black man dressed as Santa with round glasses looks at us nodding with a smug frown and rubs his hands together as he says, “Merry Christmas.” Snow falls behind him on a green plaid background.Merry Christmas Naughty List GIFSnooping Merry Christmas GIFKawaii gif. Pusheen the cat chews on a ripped up christmas present. Ribbon and wrapping paper litter the ground. A small fluffy kitten lays in a stocking upside down.Stop motion gif. Two gummy bears stand in front of a gummy worm Christmas tree exchanging a gift. Text, "Beary Christmas!"
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