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Michael Cera On His Creepy Paparazzi Encounter
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michael cera juno GIF by 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentSponsored gif. Michael Cera stands in between two beefy men who hold a bottle of CeraVe lotion. He hands his arms up on their shoulders and they all smize at us, giving us an intense look as the camera gets closer. They stand in a room filled with light blue, draping fabric. Text, "Teamwork makes the dream work." Michael Cera Hydrate GIF by ceraveAnimated GIFmichael cera sounds fun GIFMichael Cera Middle Child GIF by ceraveMichael Cera Party GIFmichael cera have fun GIFHigh School Juno GIFarrested development fox television classics GIF by HULUmichael cera GIFMichael Cera Summer GIF by 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentExcited Arrested Development GIFarrested development falling GIFMichael Cera Working From Home GIF by ceravearrested development facepalm GIF by HULUArrested Development gif. Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth trudges through a desert area with his head down and shoulders hunched forward.Michael Cera Communications GIF by ceraveMichael Cera Trailer GIFSponsored gif. Michael Cera is wearing a silky, flowy light blue button up and he has a serene smile on his face while he spins through a room filled with the same colored soft fabric that drapes down from the ceiling. michael cera kiss GIFMichael Cera GIF by ceraveWait What Reaction GIFlazy scott pilgrim GIFSponsored gif. Michael Cera is scaling a rock wall and he reaches down to his hip pack. We expect him to bring out climbing chalk, but instead, he scoops out handful of lotion and carefully slathers it on the rock face, slowly running his hand down while saying, "Moisturize."
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