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This Lil Doggy Misses You
I'm Gonna Miss You
I Miss You
Miss you already
Text gif. The underlined words "I miss you" flash in a rainbow of colors against a black background, dropping down from the top of the screen like a continuous reel. Video gif. A small girl bangs her hands against a window from the inside of a home, obviously wailing. Why are her parents leaving? Blinking yellow text, all caps, "Miss you already."Movie gif. Will Ferrell as James in Get Hard sits in a vibrating chair and raises a glass of wine to his face, looking miserably sad, as he jiggles and wine jostles all over his mouth, neck, and white shirt. Text, "I miss you."Text gif. The words "miss you" sit inside a beating red heart cartoon that throbs against a grey background.Happy I Love You GIF by Chippy the DogIllustrated gif. A black and white illustration of two cutely drawn people hugging each other with a lot of love and warmth. Red hearts appear and pop like fireworks around them. The cursive text above them says, “Virtual hug.”Digital art gif. A cat that’s shaped like a piece of tiramisu cake bounces its square body with a sad look on its face. Text, “I tira-miss-u.”Illustrated gif. A person in red and a person in white embrace each other completely. Text, "I wish I could hug you."Miss You Heart GIF by Sealed With A GIFDisney gif. A vintage cartoon of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Minnie talks into an old pay phone speaking to Mickey, who is sitting cozily in an armchair with an old home phone up to his ear. Mickey melts into his chair after hearing Minnie’s words. The text says: “Miss you” Video gif. Beagle puppy resting its head on its front paws, big brown eyes slowly blinking towards us. Text, "I miss you."Movie gif. Travis Tedford as Spanky from The Little Rascals sits on porch steps, resting his chin on his hands. His expression changes from grumpy to forlorn. Text, "I just miss you."Cartoon gif. A bear gives another bear a death grip hug, squeezing the bear with such force that he tries to wriggle away. The first bear doesn't notice, though. Text, "Miss you!!"Video gif. A man and woman lay in bed, the man embracing the woman tightly as he kisses her head.Cartoon gif. A black-and-white scene of a retro cartoon rabbit in a timid, constricted pose, looking up to left of frame. A tear falls from one eye and rolls down its cheek. Text, "I miss your face."Cartoon gif. A baby meerkat in pajamas has teary brown eyes as he reaches his paws out in front of him longingly. Text, "Come back."I Love You Hug GIF by jerseycoupleMovie gif. Terry Crews as Latrell in White Chicks turns toward us to say, "And I need you." Then he turns back and shakes his head rapidly, before looking toward us again with eyebrows raised and saying, "And I miss you."SpongeBob gif. From The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run: Gary meows at us while making puppy-dog eyes. Text, "Miss you."Movie gif. Travis Tedford as Spanky from Little Rascals sits, looking sad, resting his face in both hands. Text. "I just miss you."Reality TV gif. Wearing a black cowboy hat and a strappy black top, K. Michelle of Love and Hip Hop leans back and says flirtatiously, “I missed you friend!”Text gif. Blue, cursive text is written on screen that reads, “I miss you." As the text is written, watercolor pink flowers bloom around it.Text gif. Different colored patterns flash in the background. Text, “I miss you.”Celebrity gif. With a bittersweet look, Jake Gyllenhaal touches his fingers to his lips, closes his hand into a fist, and walks away, disappearing into a room full of smoke.Illustration gif. A round, pink creature picks up a heart and raises it over its head. Text on heart, "I miss you!"
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