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This Lil Doggy Misses You
I Miss You
Miss you already
I'm Gonna Miss You
Miss U GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosHappy I Love You GIF by Chippy the DogI Love You Ily GIF by Chippy the DogIllustrated gif. A person in red and a person in white embrace each other completely. Text, "I wish I could hug you."Video gif. Beagle puppy resting its head on its front paws, big brown eyes slowly blinking towards us. Text, "I miss you."Miss U Missing You GIFMovie gif. Travis Tedford as Spanky from The Little Rascals sits on porch steps, resting his chin on his hands. His expression changes from grumpy to forlorn. Text, "I just miss you."I Miss You Too GIF by Chippy the DogCartoon gif. A black-and-white scene of a retro cartoon rabbit in a timid, constricted pose, looking up to left of frame. A tear falls from one eye and rolls down its cheek. Text, "I miss your face."I Miss You GIFi miss you GIFI Miss You GIFSpongebob gif. Spongebob struggles to hold back sobs behind a quivering pout as tears fill his eyes. Text, "missing you"Disney gif. A vintage cartoon of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Minnie talks into an old pay phone speaking to Mickey, who is sitting cozily in an armchair with an old home phone up to his ear. Mickey melts into his chair after hearing Minnie’s words. The text says: “Miss you” I Love You Hug GIF by jerseycoupleI Miss You GIFMiss You Love GIFsad i miss you GIFTV gif. Lucas Till as Angus MacGyver on MacGyver has his head lowered and then he lifts it up to shake his head sadly. He says, “Really wish you guys were here right now.”I Miss You Love GIF by MolangIllustrated gif. A character with blue hair, white sweater, and glasses cries profusely with its head back, tears bursting from its eyes like fire hydrants.TV gif. Norman Reedus as Daryl in The Walking Dead cries, looking crushed. Text, “I miss you!”Video gif. Two separated blobs cry, reaching out for each other. Text, “I miss you.”Photo gif. Man with fuzzy white eyebrows and facial hair looks sad; animation makes the image and text appear wavy. Text, "I miss you."TV gif. Zach Braff as JD in Scrubs stands in a hospital hallway staring at someone as he proclaims, "I miss you so much it hurts sometimes."
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