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Monday Again
Feliz Lunes
Ugly Cry Monday
Monday Morning
Celebrity gif. The band Travis takes off in a roller coaster, mouths dropping open as the ride jolts to a start. Text, "Buckle Up! It's Monday!"Video gif. Newborn puppy nestled in royal purple fleece scrunches up its face as it blinks sleepily. Text, "Happy Monday!"The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight walks toward us wearing an exaggerated yellow hazmat suit, carrying a duffle bag and a megaphone.Cartoon gif. A grumpy cartoon cat peers over the edge of his bed in annoyance. The words "Dear Mondays, I see you," appear above his head. He sinks lower into the bed as he furrows his brow and the phrase "and I hate you" appears.Illustrated gif. A paper coffee cup with a red heart on the sleeve emits puffs of heart-shaped steam. Text, Happy Monday.Video gif. A gray, fluffy cat looks around with bulging eyes and ears turned back in anger.. Text says, “Pretty sure… I smell a Monday here!”TV gif. From Scrubs, Kevin Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso storms onto a hospital floor very upset and each person he passes by gets either decked in the face, elbowed, kicked, headbutted, or shoved. Nobody is left standing except the livid doctor and the entire floor is in disarray. Text, "Monday mood for work."Video gif. A mother with the text, "The Weekend," overlaid on her body pushes her son down a small zipline. He zips down happily before hitting a wall at the bottom that says, "Monday," and falls to the cushion below. Cartoon gif. Standing on a board that straddles a canyon, Wile E. Coyote is labeled with the word, “Sunday.” He looks hopelessly up at the sky as a shadow forms over him, then he is hit by a giant rock labeled with the word, “Monday.”Text gif. We zoom in on a toddler, contorted and stuck half-in-half-out of a toilet. Beneath bounce the words “Mondays. Am I right?”Text gif. Black text expands and contracts over a turquoise, pink, and pale yellow diagonal-striped background, reading, "Hello Monday."Monday GIFCartoon gif. Bugs Bunny has just woken up and looks totally disheveled in his hole as he scratches his side. A bottle of Grade A Carrot Juice is next to him and the daily newspaper. Text, "Happy Monday!"Video gif. A baby with long, messy hair flops their large head in anguish onto a bed. The baby covers their face with their short arms in order to hide their tears of exhaustion. The text says, “Ugh, Mondays.”Kawaii gif. A round, yellow chick with small beads of tears in its eyes stands in front of a green bush. It brings its hands together in sadness. Text, "Monday again..."Disney gif. A haggard-looking Donald Duck pushes open a door and falls flat on his face in exhaustion. Text, "Mood."TV gif. Eric Stonestreet as Cameron from Modern Family lies in bed crying, while devices glow at him from a bedside table in the foreground. Text, "Waking up on Mondays."Digital art gif. A black phone screen rings that "Monday" is calling. A finger reaches up and pushes a red button labeled, "Decline."Celebrity gif. Chelsea Handler looks disheveled and hungover with smeared makeup, holding an axe and sitting in a messy room with two dogs. Text, "Waking up on Monday like."TV gif. Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes emerges from his burrow in the morning to find his paper and grade-a carrot juice, fresh from the milkman. Illustrated gif. Positively Ghostly character speaking into a microphone, eyes closed, saying, "Let's pretend Monday doesn't suck."Digital art gif. A pink circular loading symbol runs in circles below large blue letters that read, "Monday."Nikki Bella No GIF by E!Text gif. Against a peaceful scene of a woodsy lake, the text "it is Monday" rocks back and forth.Star Trek Game GIF by Alpha
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