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Morning Coffee
Life's Too Short For Bad Coffee
National Coffee Day
Video gif. A woman holds a pot of coffee and pops opens the lid while staring into it. She lifts it to her mouth and chugs directly from the pot.Cartoon gif. A cute drawing of a little orange and white cat sips a cup of tea with its eyes closed--it's probably purring.The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight sits at his desk holding a cup of coffee with his bear feet. He tries to pull it closer to himself to take a drink but it tilts as it comes closer and spills out all over his crotch. He freaks out, sticking out his tongue as it does.TV gif. Brett Goldstein as Roy on Ted Lasso holds a coffee mug and nods as he says "mornin'," which appears as text.Cartoon gif. A still of the original Snow White is edited together with an animation of a flowing river of coffee coming out of a coffee machine. Her mouth is open wide, guzzling the caffeine goodness.Illustrated gif. A personified mug and to-go coffee cup fist-bump each other with wide smiles. Text, "Coffee time."Cartoon gif. Garfield the cat sits at the dinner table with half lidded eyes. He grabs a cup, opens his mouth wide, and dumps all the coffee from the cup inside to wake himself up. Video gif. Steaming white cup of coffee rests near an open book on a wooden table. Dim morning sunlight shines through a slatted fence in the distance, illuminating the steam from the cup as it rises. Coffee Day GIF by Katie LukesMovie gif. Rodney Dangerfield as Thornton Melon in Back To School takes a sip out of a coffee mug. He gulps down the drink and then opens his eyes wide, like they’re bulging out of his head, and his head starts spinning like he’s about to faint.Movie gif. Panel 1: The text reads, “Before coffee” Meryl Streep as Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada looks depressed, tired and disheveled. She wears no makeup and her hair is out of place. She shakes her head and looks done with the world. Panel 2: Text reads, “After Coffee.” Elevator doors open to reveal Miranda in a beautiful fur coat, hair perfectly in place, and holding a work binder. She whips off her sunglasses and her makeup is perfectly done. She means business. Germany Today GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeVideo gif. Cat sits on a stool at a cafe counter near a window looking out at a busy city. The cat lounges on the stool, propping his arm on the counter very coolly, a cup of coffee and a glass of water in front of him.TV gif. David Costabile as Mike Wagner on Billions opens a glass door and leans out. He has a serious, angry expression on his face as he shouts, “Coffee!”Video gif. A man holds up and leans his face against a coffee pitcher, smiling slightly with his eyes closed.TV gif. Andre Braugher as Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine lifts a mug to his mouth as he says, "I'm already on my second cup."Seinfeld gif. Jerry Seinfeld sits in a diner sipping his coffee and raises his eyebrows as if in feigned interest.Cobie Smulders Coffee GIF by Team CocoPhoto gif. Coffee pours into the open mug-shaped head of a bearded man whose mouth gapes open in a surprised smile.Video gif. A man dressed to work in an office closes his front door behind him. He sips on coffee and when he closes the door, he then pours the cup of coffee all over his chest and face. He shakes his head like he’s refreshed and rushes off. Cartoon gif. Sylvester from Looney Tunes shakes and trembles, buzzed our and spilling coffee while trying to pour it into his cup, with a mouthful of cigarettes at a table littered with cigarettes.Coffee Day GIF by Denyse®Video gif. Man stands in a shower in a white robe. He holds up a huge mug of coffee, larger than his head, and at first makes it seem like he’s going to drink from it, but instead he pours his right over his head.Will And Grace Coffee GIF30 Rock Coffee GIF by PeacockTV
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