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A Million Bucks, Nick
Maybe A Fleshlight
They're Not Bad
I Was Wearing Padding And Spanks
kill me now barney stinson GIFHow I Met Your Mother Sitcom GIF by LaffRed Carpet GIF by Tony AwardsNeil Patrick Harris Thumbs Up GIFneil patrick harris television GIF by G1ft3dTV gif. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney in How I Met Your Mother yells at someone across the bar with an intensely concerned expression, mouthing the words below him, "I don't like this!"Neil Patrick Harris Make An Impact GIF by ABC Networkkill me now how i met your mother GIFHow I Met Your Mother GIFNeil Patrick Harris Drinking GIFHow I Met Your Mother Reaction GIF by LaffCelebrity gif. Neil Patrick Harris, seated on the guest's couch on Ellen, looks around before pointing at us and saying firmly, "Stop it," which also appears as text.Celebrity gif. Neil Patrick Harris on Ellen, turns toward us with a raised index finger to look us straight in the eye seriously, saying, "Stop it."Neil Patrick Harris GIF by Tony Awardsneil patrick harris women GIFHow I Met Your Mother Self Five GIFNeil Patrick Harris Please GIFNeil Patrick Harris GIF by NETFLIXConfused How I Met Your Mother GIFHappy Neil Patrick Harris GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyershow i met your mother friendship over GIFNeil Patrick Harris Kiss GIF by Tony AwardsStar Wars Lol GIF by mtvTV gif. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney in How I Met Your Mother looks emotional as he holds his hand above his head and speaks. Text, "I request the highest of fives."Oh My God Omg GIF by Laff
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